28 Things You Might Say If You're Majoring in Speech and Hearing Science

Speech and hearing science is a major unlike any other. You practically have to learn a whole new language for decoding words, most people really do to learn ASL. Our problems sound so strange to people in other majors, but make perfect sense to those of us studying speech and hearing.

1. Is that a diphthong?

2. Maybe I'll just go to the Midwest for grad school.

Grad school is so competitive, staying on the West Coast might be unrealistic at this point.

3. What's the GRE?

4. Yeah, I sign.

As long as it's very, very slow.

5. You know you can always switch to audiology!

So they say...

6. *Sweats thinking about getting a B on any exam*

7. Did you pay your NSLLHA dues yet?

8. No, no, the schwa goes there.

I can't tell what's unstressed when I'm so stressed over this transcription.

9. There's a boy in this class??

Catch me in sweats and a hoodie everyday since there's less than five boys in every class.

10. I definitely want to work with kids!

11. I change my mind, definitely stroke victims.

12. No... definitely kids.

Is anyone really sure yet?

13. Those are the vocal folds?

It's pretty gross if we're being honest.

14. Can we get a study room at the library?

15. How many muscles can you possibly use for speech?

It's never ending, once you think you've learned them all more pop out.

16. Wait, do we have to take the GRE?

I thought we were leaving the standardized exams in high school.

17. If I have to hear something about the there- whatever one more time I'm going to scream.

18. I'll catch up with you guys later, I have an observation later today.

19. Is that frication or another phoneme?

20. Don't clean your ears with Q-tips!

21. I need a new major.

People definitely underestimate the amount of work that goes into this major... me included.

22. No I don't, I'm just being dramatic.

There's no other major I can see myself in if we're being honest.

23. I had to take physics for this?

Seriously, just one lecture on sound waves was all the content we needed from physics.

24. *Has heated discussions about the ethical values of cochlear implants*

25. Remember that kid in your class that had a lisp? That's what I'm going to fix with my major.

No one ever knows what this major really entails, it's all the same script.

26. This exam is *literally* going to ruin my life.

With such a competitive major, it sure does feel like it.

27. As much as I try not to, the McGurk Effect gets me every time.

28. I really can't wait to help people with their speech disorders!

As much as I complain, I'm so excited!

Everything will be worth it... as soon as this semester is over, of course!

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