Spring semester has always been rough for my college years. I have learned every semester of college of course, but this semester I feel like I have learned more than the last.

1. Self-care is important

I kept putting off my happiness and taking a breath because I thought sacrificing would be worth it. It is not always worth it and not everyone will notice your sacrifice. Popping a bottle of wine, putting on a face mask, and watching a Disney movie is just so much healthier for the soul than letting your mental health go to trash.

2. Don't listen to what others' think

Okay, I was already doing this because I have become comfortable with who I am. If you don't like me, I am sorry for you.

3. Sometimes professors don't answer your emails. Show up to their office because they can't ignore you then.

I care too much about my education to be ignored. I don't take being ignored very well either. If my professors think they can hide from me, HAHAHA, nope.

4. Group projects are SO DIFFICULT

I love people. I love socializing. I am good at my work, which means I get ALL the work! Ugh.

5. If you want something, GO FOR IT

I have always been afraid of rejection. This semester I have put myself out there more than ever before.

6. I am no longer afraid of being told "No."

If that is the worst answer, that is not too scary. Just move on to the next academic or career driven opportunity.

7. Live for yourself, not everyone else

I have been focusing on making everyone else happy, I forget about myself. This semester I changed that because my happiness is important too.

8. Stop comparing yourself

We all have our own stories, our own goals, and our own ambitions. We are not all the same and that is okay. I stopped comparing my progress to my peers. This has made me focus more on myself rather than everyone.

9. Mom is still the coolest person I know

She is a rockstar. I admire her every day.

10. Finding a local charity you can support can change your perspective

I found a love for volunteer and donation in a local charity. It filled my heart with joy and gave me a chance to help a mission bigger than myself.