Like some, I have had glasses since a very young age. I had eye surgery, the whole nine yards. I'm basically almost blind, but I'm definitely not alone. I made a list of a few things that everyone that wears glasses just about can relate to.

1. Glasses jokes

People think it's hilarious to call you names like four eyes or tap on your glasses like you're a fish.

2. *Takes glasses off* "Dude, you're like blind!"

I can't tell you how many people have asked to try on my glasses and when they do, they're like amazed at the fact that I really can't see. Yes, I wear my glasses to see, weird I know.

3. Having to be more careful than other people when you're active

"Watch my glasses!" Nothing is more devastating than having a pair of broken glasses, so you have to do everything possible to keep them safe.

4. "Why don't you wear contacts?"

I don't much enjoy having a piece of plastic over my eyeball, sorry.

5. Listening to people talk about how much they wish they had glasses

I have literally never understood people that wear glasses just because they like how they look, and they can see fine without them.

6. Dreading the eye doctor

Everyone that wears glasses knows the contraption they put in front of you to get you a new prescription, it gets old. And no, I can't read the second row of letters, sorry doc.

7. Getting excited to pick out a new pair of glasses

Okay, maybe I lied, I look forward to the eye doctor a little. I mean, who wouldn't love to try on different pairs of glasses all day?

8. Looking super cute in glasses

Our faces were literally made for glasses, let's be honest. My life would be totally different without them.