Things Nurses Need For Work
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Things Nurses Need For Work

Aside from the little things listed up there, they are other things you may need as a nurse, to have in your bag at all time.

Things Nurses Need For Work

To be considered a great nurse, some things have to be expected of you; for instance, always be prepared for any medical situation or emergency.

Most nurses take this part of their medical profession for granted, what they don't know is that uncertainties happen, and a good nurse has got to be prepared for any contingency.

So what are the essential things a nurse should have in cases of emergency?

Let us find out;

The seven things nurses should have on them

  • Medical Lab Coats

Many people may think stereo typically when they see nurses and doctors with a lab coat; "what a show-off" they might add, but the truth is, medical lab coats are an essential commodity for the nurses.

Not only is it their regalia, but it also serves as a covering for them, so they don't get blood stains and transferable diseases on their body and clothes.

Now, I'm not disputing the fact that nurses are kind and very hospitable, but they are also human, and the rational thing to do is to protect themselves from possible threats, both for themselves and their next patients.

  • Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes are an indispensable tool for a nurse. This tool is identity; it is what they use to do most of their routine checkups. The stethoscope is one of their most common tools for nurses, some people even feel they carry the best stethoscope more than they wear the lab coat and I agree.

Stethoscopes are easy to carry around because they are light and easily affordable, so it is an excellent tool to have around.

  • Nursing Watch

Timing is everything, even in the hospital. In fact, at the hospital, timing is so crucial that every second count.

Which is why nurses must always have on them at all times, an analog watch, so they can make calls, like the time when surgeries start, time of death, and all that kinds of stuff.

They also use the watch to monitor and control pulse, respiration, track heartbeat ratings. During night shifts, nurses are to where glowing, so they can see well with it at night. Doctors always advise nurses to look at their watches more than they look at a mirror.

  • Pen Light

Not everyone understands the use of a penlight, so I'll tell you what it is. A penlight is a neurological and skin assessment compact light pen, cheap and handy to do quick checkups.

It helps to assess the mucous membrane of your patients, and since your eyes may not have the power to see well into someone's mouth, the light will be of great help.

  • Medical tape

A medical tool is also an indispensable tool for a "handyman" nurse, who is seeking to be the best in her field.

Tapes help to hold the patient's IV in place and prevent patients from wrapping their arms, especially after the nurses just got blood from the patients, or maybe his wound just got dressed, so nurses need to have tapes with them

  • Hemostat

You're looking for a must have, to always be with as a nurse, then consider the hemostat.

Hemostats are handy to unscrew some IV tubes that were tightly screwed. It can also be helpful for getting the fentanyl bags from their spikes, to crush pills and they also act as clamp foleys, if you (nurses I mean) want to obtain urine samples.

Scissors, penlights and other necessary equipment that a nurse has on himself or herself may determine her level of nursing (are they veterans or amateurs?)

  • Notepad and pen

A wise nurse should always have her, or himself, a writing pad and a pen, to take down vitals and other necessary information, that may help them assess and make a diagnosis on what the patient may be suffering from and to proper medications to take to get rid of the ailments.

Highlighters are also good so that when you may be reading something off a textbook, and want to go back to that point, it would be a lot easier.

These days, writing is now made easy, you can now use the electronic gadgets to write and take note, but whatever you may want to use, make sure you have writing equipment with you at all times.

So, What's in My Bag?

The first will be a good pair of medical scissors that you can use to cut of tapes and bandages.

You'll also need to have medical gloves with you at all times so that when you've got in an uncomfortable situation that has to do with blood, you will be protected from getting some unwanted diseases.

Although not as important as the rest, but you'll need a portable umbrella with you, you may not know what the weather may have in store for you.

Bottom Line

There is no definite list of what a nurse should be with at all times or in cases of emergency, and even if there is, one thing you should know is that you can still add to the list, and the other thing is that, always have the essentials with you.

I mean, no one would expect to carry a hospital (and by the hospital, I mean medical tools) on you all the time.

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