"Snapchat is dead."

"This update is the absolute worst."

"I'm deleting my Snapchat."

Y'all are dramatic.

Everyone and their mother (if she's on Snapchat) is throwing a fit over the new Snapchat update, talking about deleting their account and focusing on entirely different platforms just because stories and personal snaps are on the same page.

I will admit, it's strange to get used to at first - but so were Snap stories, so were Discover pages, so was the Snap map.

People are in a frenzy about it being more complicated, but I personally think it's more organized this way, having two main pages instead of one. As a reminder to all of you whiners out there, I'm giving you a list of reminders that there are worse things in the world than an app update.

1. People who complain incessantly.

2. Irony.

...considering I'm writing a list of things I think are terrible. The irony makes me a hypocrite; therefore it is terrible.

3. Finishing your leftovers and still being hungry.

4. Running the dryer for an hour but your clothes are still wet.

5. The infrequency of decent cartoon reruns.

We should take all the new shows and push 'em somewhere else.

6. The cost of college tuition.

7. Paying for campus parking as a student.

Why? Just... why?

8. Falling asleep with contacts in.

9. The Kardashians.

Even if you love 'em, you still kind of hate 'em.

10. Loud people in the morning.

11. Loud children in movie theaters.

... or even better, parents who have full on conversations with their children during the movie when their child is barely old enough to form full sentences. No one is winning here.

12. People who wait in a long line and are not ready to order.

13. Following a recipe and it turns out terrible.

14. Junk mail.

I barely have time to wipe my own butt, let alone fill out a survey for the slight chance of winning a small fortune (just so they can have access to more mediums to send more junk mail).

15. Accidentally skipping a good song on Pandora.

16. People who eat loud snacks in quiet places.

17. Taylor Swift.

See #9.

18. Someone taking the parking spot you've been waiting for.

Especially when they're tailgating and you pass it up, it's a jerk move.

19. People who constantly share their opinion.

20. Making a list of complaints.

See #2.