There are several different things that people may say to show that they care.

Whether it's a friend, significant other or family member we all have different ways of saying, "I love you."

Love can be expressed in many different words and actions, so pay attention to these things because someone might just be trying to show that they care.

1. What are your plans for the day?

Maybe they're checking so that they know what to worry about during the day. Maybe they have something they want to do with you if you're available.

Maybe they just care about you.

2. Stay warm

I'll be the first to admit I don't like wearing socks or slippers in the house, but I know my mom tells me to because she loves me and doesn't want me to be miserable.

3. Be careful!

Be careful because I care about you and don't want you to end up hurting yourself.

Sometimes, we have to learn things the hard way, but all those times someone told us to be careful are because they don't want us to have to.

4. Have a good day

Don't be negative when someone wishes you a good day! You may end up ruining their day along with your own.

5. Get home safely

Maybe they ask because they care about you and want to know if they need to form a search party to find you.

6. This reminded me of you

Someone taking the time out of their day to show you something, no matter how random, because it reminded them of you? Yeah, they care about you.

7. How was your day?

They're probably not asking for every detail of what you did, but they probably do care about what happened during the day and how it made you feel.

8. Do you want to try a bite?

Maybe it's because you've been staring at their food, maybe it's because they care enough to think that you might like what they're eating so they offer some to you.

9. I believe in you

Maybe they heard your pep talk in the bathroom, maybe they know that you're stressed about something. Either way, they care.

10. Go to sleep

You might have 20 things left on your to-do list, but they won't get done very effectively if you can barely stay awake to do them.

No amount of makeup can cover how tired you are, people can tell when you need sleep.

11. You can be yourself without judgment

You know someone truly cares and loves you when you can be yourself and not have to fear being judged by them.

12. It's about the smiles per gallon, not the miles

Whether you live miles away from a significant other, friend or family member it doesn't matter how far away you are... if they truly care the distance disappears.

(It still doesn't hurt to call them once and a while though!)

13. They don't care how miserable you are, they just want you to be better again

Even if it means they have to be miserable with you until you get better.