12 Things Every Jupiter, FL Kid Misses
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12 Things Every Jupiter, FL Kid Misses

For the College Kids Who Left Their Hearts in Jup

12 Things Every Jupiter, FL Kid Misses
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Why did I ever leave.

I could not wait to get out of small-town Jupiter, FL and into the high-energy D.C. lifestyle...It's only November, I have already been home once, and I am counting down the days until I get to go back. It's not hard to miss our little piece of paradise, and here's why:

1. Our beaches.

We have THE perfect sand. It's not too hard, but it's not too soft, either. It's just right. Bonus: Juno Pier is always lit.

2. Our lighthouse (also lit...because, lighthouse).

As if Soul Cycle is the new exercise trend. Walking up the lighthouse to be met with that view is the stuff exercise junkies dream of. The views from the A1A and US1 bridges aren't all that bad either. #ViewsFromTheBridge

3. Our Instagram pics.

You've spent hours perfecting your pose on the Love Street hammock, don't lie. And of course, there's always the perfectly-placed 3 Natives açai bowl/Annie's Ice/Seven Eleven icee on the towel at the beach. There's also this:

And this:

Ok, I'll stop now. Wait one more:

Brb changing my desktop screensaver.

4. Our beaches...at night.

Seriously, nothing is more relaxing than seeing a full moon on the water featuring the waves as your own white noise machine. #Shower49

5. Jupiter Island.

Don't act like you haven't driven through here blasting your music with the top down to feel like an old Hollywood movie star. We all know you have. And we've all secretly done it, too...


This one's for all of you who moved out of state and are now realizing how weird and potentially overpriced other grocery stores are (D.C. is expensive and the names are weird). Publix is pricier than Walmart and always crowded (but let's be real, the parking lot of Walmart is where dreams go to die), but you brave it anyway to get your PubSub. And you're always craving Publix sweet tea. TBH I had to leave some clothes at home to make room in my suitcase for Publix chocolate chip cookies. #ThugLyfe

7. The Gardens Mall.

Ok, so this is in Palm Beach Gardens, but it's the only mall we have! You're a master at knowing which side you want depending on your mood...or your wallet. And be honest, you've also been to Cobb Downtown at the Gardens way more than the Jupiter Cobb...don't lie.

8. Harbourside Place.

Lol just kidding, no one cares.

9. Riverbend Park.

The bike rides :') The deer :') The picnics :') The fear of stepping on a water moccasin :')

(Shout out to Jupiter Farms, aye!)

10. The Weird Sh*t.

Seriously, what even is this. #JustJupThings

11. The Holes in the Wall.

Dune Dog and Jupiter Donut Factory. Need I say more. P.S. Dune Dog is the place to go if you want to snap a pic with Celine Dion. I sat across from her once and my life will never be the same.

P.S. *You deserve a donut*

12. The Celeb Appearances.

Speaking of Celine, Jupiter is a breeding ground for plenty of A-listers (thanks, Jupiter Island). Just this past summer, Ashley Benson came to visit, and it was a pretty big deal. Plus, there's the Honda Classic...in PBG, but still. And not to mention, American Horror Story season 4 was set in Jup, so we're basically famous now. Celebrities just can't resist the beauty of our little chunk of paradise, and tbh, neither can we!

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