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13 Things I've Learned Starting College This Year

College isn't everything you expected it to be.


Hello to all the lovely faces out there. Whether you're in high school or college we all have our own opinions on what college is like. As a current freshman in college, I have been thrown many curve balls that have altered my own opinions on my college experience. Everyone's time in college is different; however, I do think that there is some helpful advice out there that will help you guys out. So, here is my list of thirteen things I've learned starting college this year.

Don't expect to make your best friends a week into college.


Personally, I came into college with high expectations. I thought I would move in, find my new friend group and it would be the same as it was back home. Wrong. I'm not saying that you aren't going to meet some of your best friends in college, but expecting to have an instant group of besties is a bit unrealistic. You will meet so many new people in the span of a day. From my own experience, it takes some time to meet the people you really click with. Some people you meet you won't vibe with. Some people you'll be friends with for a week then start to drift apart. You will also probably expand and change your friend group as you start to meet more people. I'm here to tell you that this is normal and one-thousand percent okay.

Keep in contact with your friends back home… but maybe don’t call them 20 times a day.


Let's be honest. You're obviously going to miss your friends. For most of us, these are the people that we've grown up with. The people that have been a huge part of our lives for so many years. You're going to want to be with them and know what they're up to. I know I did. However, college is a huge change and the fact of the matter is you all are living different lives now. It's okay to keep in contact, but if you're calling your friends 20 times a day you're going to take away from your time and opportunities in your new home.

The people that are meant to stay in your life will.


This is one I had to learn the hard way. You simply cannot force someone to still be in your life. Any relationship is a two-way street. I know this sounds cliche, but if you can't see the effort you have to allow yourself to let go. The people that care about you are the ones that matter and those are the people that will stay in your life.

Stay off of Snapchat (they really aren't having more fun than you are). 


I can't even begin to tell you how many days and nights I spent on Snapchat thinking, "Wow, I want to be doing what they're doing. They look like they're having so much fun!" With Snapchat the F.O.M.O is real people. It's best for everyone if you just turn off that little yellow app and tune into what's going on around you. I promise you won't regret it.

There will be another party-don't worry. 


Just imagine it. You're sitting in your dorm cramming for that big exam the next day, totally stressed. All the sudden your phone starts to blow up with the plans for that night. There it is, that F.O.M.O again. I know that the idea of skipping out of studying and going out with your friends may seem like a good idea at the time; however, your grade thinks the opposite. Sometimes it's just better to skip going out, turn your phone off, and grind it out. I promise another fun night is just around the corner.

Take care of yourself. 


I cannot stress this one enough. It can be so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is college, but it really is so important to take time for yourself. Go to the coffee shop and grab yourself a coffee. Eat foods that give you energy and make you feel good. Take a nap. Anything that gives you the "me time" you need will help you de-stress and take a breather. Also, constantly remind yourself how much you love yourself because you deserve to hear what an amazing and special person you are!

Seriously, call your mom. 


You've probably heard it before. You might be annoyed with it. However, I can vouch that this one is the truth. Your mom seriously does have the best advice. If you're ever struggling or need advice, pick up that phone and call your mom. She's been through it all and you'll probably leave the conversation wondering why you hadn't done it sooner.

Leave your dorm. 


I know after a long day of classes it may seem tempting to cuddle up in bed and watch some Netflix. Sometimes these days are necessary, but don't make this a routine! Your college campus will most likely have so many events and activities planned throughout the week. It really is a good idea to look at what's going on around your campus and go to the events that interest you. It really does help make college interesting and fun.

Invest in a planner. 

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Organization is the key to thriving in college. If you don't already have a planner invest in one ASAP. This helps keep the craziness of college manageable and it's the best feeling checking off the boxes on your to-do list.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!


This one is so important to maintaining your health in college. Take a nap, go to bed early, invest in melatonin. Anything that will help you catch some z's is going to help with your energy and stress level tremendously.

Use your gym. 


In college, you're most likely going to be super busy. With all the exams, homework, and social events it can be hard to fit other things into your schedule. However, whenever you do have time, it really is a good time to schedule in some time to head over to the gym. Even if its just a quick 20-minute workout, you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Don't compare yourself to others. 


It can be so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. While it may seem that some people are doing better than you, it's helpful for you to block that out. Focus on what you are doing and accomplishing. Not what other people are doing. This will save you so much stress and worry.

Finally, make sure you put yourself out there!


College is all about new experiences and new friends. Put yourself out there and do new things and meet new people. Do things that you wouldn't typically do and talk to people you may not have talked to before. You might surprise yourself.

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