10 Things I'll Miss About London

10 Things I'll Miss About London

I'd say Nando's, but I actually do have that at home.


Come Saturday, I'll be back in America, but I feel that's too soon. I really enjoyed studying in London as a whole, but there are certain things I'm going to miss.

1. Public Transport


Sure, there are delays, certain things may break down, and just missing anything means you won't leave as planned, but it all beats my driving anxiety. If I want to go to the movies or Harrods, or really anywhere in the city I can just go, I don't have to beg anyone for a ride. And bless trains for being an option outside of rush hour traffic.

2. "Madam"


I'm not sure what it is... Back in the states I'm referred to as "ma'am," "honey," or some other variation. The former makes me sound old, and the latter makes me sound like a child. I guess "Madam" sounds important, especially when it's said with a cool accent.

3. Free Museums


Yes, I know, we have those at home with the Smithsonian, but DC is so far! 30 minutes to the nearest metro! In London, they're scattered all over (Although, there's 3 in South Kensington if you want a Smithsonian-ish proximity too) Do you know how awesome that is for a nerd like me? Cool artifacts and exhibits at my fingertips? Yes!

4. Palaces


We don't get to see these in America anymore because of the whole revolution thing, and while they cost money to get into, they're still incredibly cool. A lot of them are older than America itself, and have lots of stories to tell. What was living like a king really like? Just what were all those rooms for?

5. Harrods


One of the most famous stores in the world, and although I couldn't really afford anything there aside from food (Yes, food. They have everything), I enjoyed going there. It has this incredibly posh atmosphere, and a girl could always dream about buying a 1000 quid pen or 5000 quid dress.... Plus it gave me a little inspiration for my more well off characters.

6. Camden Market


This place is just cool. They have a bunch of unique and often handcrafted clothes, accessories, and souvenirs to buy, and the people in the area just seem very proud to be from there, though the place still has the feel of "alternative" London, nothing less for an area famous for music.

7. Reservedness


In London, people are usually polite, but still mind their own business. Back in America, it's different... Lots of calling out and in general more of an obligation to socialize. I could go an entire day ignoring strangers I didn't want to talk to without seeming rude, and not needing to make small talk when asking anyone for help.

8. Fandom Proximity


221b Baker Street is only 2 train changes away! There's a TARDIS at Earl's Court! (Better yet, an entire Doctor Who shop in Upton Park!) King's Cross has a Platform 9 3/4 store! There's a replica of the Globe Theater that still does actual Shakespeare plays! SO MUCH FANDOM.

9. Diversity


I'm not just talking about cultural diversity here, although being reserved had me hear several different languages, some I didn't even recognize, being spoken, and certain areas that seem like a little piece of a country or culture. (Of course, Chinatown and Upton Park, which has a large Arab population). But the city itself is pretty different wherever you go. You can take the tube from the very historical Westminster and end up in shiny, suit-abundant Canary Wharf, or the more artsy Shoreditch, and still be in the same city.

10. Single Coins


I'd say dollar coins, but they don't use dollars in the UK, they use pound sterling. They're a lot less irritating to carry around than American single bills, plus they're easy to distinguish from other British coins with that gold border, and they not only have ones, but slightly bigger twos. Twos! America, you need to catch up.

Studying abroad was an amazing experience, and I'm going to miss London a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to come back someday soon.

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How Happiness In A Relationship Is So Important

What is the happiness and love that we as individuals deserve when it comes to our relationship?


It's different for each of us. Some prefer being showered in gifts, being showed off on social media, bragged about to family and friends. But, what is the one thing that all of those have in common?

That would be the unmistakable amount of love your significant other has for you, that they will do anything to show you that they love you unconditionally. We all show our love for one another in various ways. I for one love being shown the love someone else has for me in small things they do.

It could be a simple 'good morning love' text message or even just a hug out of the blue. Knowing that someone cares so deeply about you is one of life's greatest gifts. Knowing that another human being loves you and wants to be with you, it makes us drunk off of love and our heads float up to the stars.

However, when we don't feel that love, that connection, that reassurance from our significant other that they love and care for us back, it can be an extremely overwhelming and a lonely feeling.

We start looking for those feelings and connections elsewhere. In our friends for reassurance if we look good or blowing up their phones for attention.

We start caring about if other people find us attractive or not, we relish in compliments that other people give us. We start looking for that happiness elsewhere. It's not because you stop loving your significant other or stop caring about them, but we as humans need to feel important and like we are needed by another person.

When you stop letting your significant other know how much you care about them or showcasing your love for them, even if it's a simple gesture like holding their hand or holding the door open for them, they will begin to look elsewhere.

Now I am in no way saying that they will cheat on you, but your relationship and their attitude and feelings towards you will never be the same until you start showing them how much they mean to you just as much as they do for you. I don't condone cheaters or staying in a relationship that you are not happy in.

Yes, some relationships go through hard times like distance or a traumatic event. However, the way I see it is if you entered into the relationship, to begin with, you obviously cared about that person a lot and if they show you that they care and love you for the person you are and your past then they deserve the same in return from you.

Relationships are not always easy, they take time, determination, communication, compromise, and love to stay afloat. If one of you isn't willing to give your all and put forth the effort needed then it will never work. A relationship can't be successful if it is only one-sided.

Despite peoples life's being busy on a day to day basis, you need to always find time for your significant other. Because at the end of the day when things hit the fan, your significant other should be the one that will be there no matter what and always be by your side.

All in all, you need to treat each other the way in which you would want to be treated in a relationship and treat them the way they should be treated despite whatever chaos is going on in the world about you. Love is the conquer of all and should never be thrown around or not taken seriously.

Loving someone else is a gift we are given by God and never taken lightly.

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These Are The Last Days

Without a doubt, the events that are occurring in this world are fulfilling Bible prophecy.


Today's individuals in the 21st century have completely shifted to an ideology that is well-accepted among many millennial's that the system of religion has caused a ton of division among the inhabitants of the earth, which is true. With the various different beliefs, doctrines, and religious ideologies it's obvious to see why individuals cannot follow a belief because of the variety of religions. The amount of religions out here is like a buffet of different religions and many can't choose what is truth and what isn't. Especially within the the religion of "Christianity," there are many denominations and different beliefs, and the result of this is that many individuals have utilized this notion of the variety of religions and denominations to completely reject religion and follow after their own will. Even though many can utilize this as an excuse to not draw close to God, that will not be a valid excuse when they stand before God on why they didn't repent of their sins, and get baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. However, the ignorance of the human race and their rebellion against God and his word is paving the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Though many may claim they have a relationship with God and that they're a Christian, they undoubtedly deny him with their works.

This world is becoming increasingly wicked, to the point where it's not even safe to just go to the supermarket because of the fear of somebody coming there and committing a mass shooting. The world is not getting any better, but in fact, it's actually getting worse. Rumors of wars are running ramped and individuals are turning towards their own lusts, and ultimately turning their backs towards God. With police shooting increasing, gang violence increasing, foreign warfare increasing, the wickedness in entertainment increasing, and an economical collapse creeping it's way into the financial markets it's without a doubt that this world is coming to an end.

Not only are there signs that Jesus is coming back through the events that are occurring in the secular world, but also within today's modern "churches." The Bible says 2 Timothy 4:3-4 " For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths." Churches across the world have completely forsaken the Bible, and turned the utilization of church into a pursuit of money and wealth, while removing the preaching and teaching of sound doctrine. This horrifying doctrinal change in the pulpits of America is undoubtedly a sign that Jesus is returning imminently because churches are preaching lukewarm messages that aren't equipping believers in Jesus Christ to be spiritually stronger and wiser when it comes to the things of God. Churches have completely discarded core doctrine and beliefs, and substituted the preaching of sound teaching to becoming a rock concert with a motivational speech. Churches all over the world have completely denounced true repentance, baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and most importantly the oneness of God in the exchange of the traditions of men and money.

The reluctance and refusal of many of these organizations and churches to preach biblical truth has displayed that many churches are in the business of tickling ears and making individuals feel good so they can receive more tithe money and offering. They no longer desire to preach repentance or things that will edify and assist the congregation to be prepared to stand before God. The disturbing part about it is that the sins of the world are creeping right into the churches of America, and the people in the church don't even know they're sinning because the preacher won't preach out against it. Sins such as fornication, homosexuality, the love of money, pride, adultery, lying, gossiping, and idolatry are no longer being preached on pulpits but rather just "grace," which is not preparing congregations to stand before God, but are actually fulfilling biblical prophecy and preparing the church to be thrown into the eternal lake of fire.

Many create the excuse that they're leaving "religion" for an intimate "relationship" with Jesus Christ, but all that means is that people are leaving true biblical teachings to make an excuse for their lifestyle, and to refuse and neglect sound teaching. The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 "Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day { The coming of Jesus Christ} will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction." The great falling away is occurring right in front of everyone's faces! Professing Christians are leaving sound teachings and going after preaching that are not effective nor beneficial for their spirit. The common belief is that true biblical teaching if too harsh and because of that they go after teachings that don't keep them in "bondage." These "Christians" desire a lukewarm teaching that will allow them to have one foot in the church, and one foot in the world.

To conclude, even with the natural disasters occurring in America that should be enough to display that Jesus Christ is coming and that his second coming won't be "peaceful." There are multiple wildfires occurring in California, and tornadoes even arriving in the East Coasts of America, This world is in absolute chaos! From the political system all the way down to the entertainment being released. Good is being called evil and evil is being called good. These are the last days and when Jesus Christ returns we MUST be on his side because this world will be destroyed with fire. For a man to be on Jesus' side when he returns they must obey Acts 2:38 which states "Repent, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

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