Things That Women Can't Enjoy Because Of Rape Culture
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60 Things That Are Hard For Women To Enjoy In 2018 Because Of Rape Culture

All the stuff females can't fully appreciate anymore, like windows and closets and shoes and....

60 Things That Are Hard For Women To Enjoy In 2018 Because Of Rape Culture
Ella Pitman

This list is by all means non-exhaustive. Women everywhere could add thousands of points to my compilation of things women have to worry about. Some may see this as complaining about small things that women get nervous about, but in truth, it's a harsh, scary reality for much of the world's population. It's a call for women to use their voices to speak for change, and a call for men to lead the way in instigating that change. I pray every day that one day, I will live to see a new world where women can live in peace, without fear.

1. Men

2. Older family members

3. Parties

4. Exercising

5. Alcohol

6. Nighttime

7. Being Alone

8. Bathrooms

9. Sidewalks

Getting from point A to point B in any city without a male present is actually terrifying.

10. Shorts

11. Heels

12. Skirts

13. Jeans

14. Swimsuits

15. Literally any kind of clothing

Sexual harassment happens, period. No description of clothing choices needed.

16. Cars

17. Makeup

18. No Makeup

19. Politics

20. Sex

21. Having an opinion

If "no" doesn't mean much to you, then I know my point of view won't either.

22. Not having an opinion

23. Their own bodies

24. Public Transportation

"Accidentally" bump into me one more time, sir, and I will lose it on you.

25. Relationships

26. Bars

27. Beds

28. Dancing

29. Social Media

30. Physical Touch

As much as many women want to be able to enjoy a friendly hug or joking nudge, there's always that question in the back of our minds, "Will he stop if I tell him to?"

31. Saying no

32. Flirting

33. Dimly lit areas

Women going miles out of their way to walk through areas with lights is a real thing.

34. Concerts

35. Medication

36. Doors

37. Running

38. Going outside

39. Dating sites

Don't even get me started on why Tinder is the actual worst for women. It seems like at least half of these men are lying about their age, identity, and worst of all, their intentions.

40. Dating in general

41. Desks

42. Tables

43. Being nice

44. Work

45. School

Ah, yes. The breeding ground for toxic masculinity, unwanted advances, and people in charge doing absolutely nothing about it.

46. The news

47. Speaking

48. Standing up for themselves

Heather Heyer. Caroline Nosal. Janese Talton-Jackson. Lisa Trubnikova. Mary Spears. All women that were killed for saying "no" to advances by men.

49. Travel

50. Walking

51. Direct Messaging

Having a public Instagram for publicity reasons comes with receiving completely unsolicited comments and photos. No one needs to see that...

52. Gyms

53. Breastfeeding

54. Open windows

55. Gas stations

56. Parking lots

57. Smiling

Rihanna said it best, "All of my kindness is taken for weakness".

58. ​​Showers

59. Soundproof ANYTHING

60. Basically anywhere in a public area when alone

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