Things A Girl Goes Through After A Break-Up
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Things A Girl Goes Through After A Break-Up

We've all had our hearts broken at least once

Things A Girl Goes Through After A Break-Up

Break-ups suck. It's just the way it is, and I'm not sure I've ever seen someone get out of a relationship and not be at least a little sad. But then there's the break-ups that you didn't see coming and they rip out your heart. It does eventually get better, but there's a few things you have to get through first.

1. Shock

As the words come out his mouth that he's ending the relationship, your heart sinks, but it doesn't completely register what is actually happening. For a few moments you tune out and you have no clue what he's saying because you are just trying to process what has already been said (which makes it hard when your friends ask you why you broke up, you just really don't know). You're completely stunned until it hits you and you move into...

2. Uncontrollable sobbing

You walk away and just start crying, unable to form words. You go immediately to the open arms of your best friend, or your mom (whoever's closer). Then you sink to the floor and just cry because you feel as though your whole world just shattered. This stage can last for a few hours and likes to make reappearances again and again.

3. Exercise

Or, something else that releases your frustration and energy. I go running, maybe you chuck rocks off a cliff, whatever it is, just do it. Letting it all out is better then holding any amount of anger inside of you.

4. Spiritual meditation

If you're religious this could be in the form of reading your scriptures, or going to church. For others it's casual reading, sitting quietly and meditating, yoga, or just sleeping.

5. Do something a little crazy

Dye your hair, jump into a fish pond, just do it! Change is healthy and after a breakup it's kinda nice to look in the mirror and see someone different than the girl who was with the boy who ended up breaking your heart.

6. Every time anything happens, he's the first one that you want to tell about it

But you can't do that, because despite how much you try to deny it things are very different between the two of you and you can't just call him up without it being extremely awkward. So, instead you make a list of everything you would tell him and send it to a friend, so that at least somebody knows.

7. Dying inside the first time you see him

You walk into class and there he is looking all cute. You even make eye contact and then you feel like you're going to throw up, if you're lucky then you'll have a friend to brace you up and make jokes the entire class to distract you from your pain.

8. Listening to sad songs

Blast some Adele and Taylor Swift. It seems stereotypical I know, but it happens. I held on for a long time, but then it crept up on me and I was listening to breakup songs while crying into my giant stuffed giraffe. It's simply a rite of passage.

9. Trying to be friends

You sit next to each other at some school event and you try to talk, but it's ultimately awkward. It's not entirely terrible though, and it gives you hope that maybe you'll be able to get through this and be friends again. But, not right away be cause it's still pretty painful right now.

10.Working on your talents

Always wanted to learn to play the ukulele? Now's the time to do it! Fill the void and do something in all of that free time that you know have.

11. Hanging out with you mutual friends again

It's a time of rejoicing when you can spend time with the squad again, you missed them almost as much as you missed him. Then they tell you that you both miss each other a lot and you feel a little sad.

12. You come to know that you have the greatest friends in the whole world

They never leave you alone, you become almost sure that they've all just signed up to take shifts with you. They constantly check up on you and send you inspirational texts. You're really quite lucky to have them.

13. You realize that you are strong and you'll get through this

You notice that you haven't cried in a few days, and that every time you see him it gets easier and easier. You're beautiful and you're on your way to next adventure.

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