9 Things To Do And Places To Go For ISU Students In Their Free Time
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9 Things To Do And Places To Go For ISU Students With Some Free Time

Always explore new places, you never know what adventure awaits.

9 Things To Do And Places To Go For ISU Students With Some Free Time
Christine O'Malley

As students, we are arguably more busy than adults.

Many of us are full-time students, have jobs, and are involved in extracurricular activities. We aren't restricted to just a 9-5 job, our "jobs" can go from 9 am to 12 pm sometimes. However, in the rare occasion that we do find ourselves with free time, it can be hard to find things to do.

The #dartyszn and nights out can get old. Sometimes you just want to get out of the same scene, and go on an adventure! My senior year is right around the corner, and here are a few places I have found in my years of being at ISU.

1. Mackinaw River

If you like going on nature walks, this place is a must. With a trail right along the river, its a refreshing scene after being cooped up in your dorm or apartment.

2. Green Gables Bar and Grill

Stole this one from the townies. Each townie I meet knows of this place and demands that everyone they know needs to get a burger there.

3. The Donut Experience

Have you seen photos of your ISU pals with smiles on their faces and delicious donuts in their hands? This is probably where they got them. This place has bacon as a topping...

4. Miller Park Zoo

Admission is $6.95 and worth every penny. They also have several different events throughout the year!

5. Sugar Grove Nature Center And Preserve

Another great nature preserve to visit. They have a visitor center with different aquatic and reptile animals you can see as well.

6. Carls Ice Cream

This place puts cute googly eyes on your ice cream... need I say any more?

7. Crossroads

Located in downtown Bloomington, Crossroads is a shop where they sell handmade stuff from all around the world.

8. The Castle Theater

Tickets vary depending on the artist playing, but they most likely won't break your bank account. It's a great date night place!

9. Lake Bloomington Spillway

If you love waterfalls and running water like my boyfriend, this is a unique site. The drive to the spillway is also very pretty and worth it. Great place for a picnic!

Next time you're bored and want to go somewhere new, check out one of these places. I have made so many great memories at each of these. Always explore new places, you never know what adventure awaits.

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