Things Every College Girl Should Have In Her Bag Always
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6 Things EVERY College Girl Should Have In Her Bag At All Times To Always Look Like A Snack

You never know when you might have an impromptu adult sleepover or a last-minute night in with the girls.

6 Things EVERY College Girl Should Have In Her Bag At All Times To Always Look Like A Snack

There is a lot that can be debated and discussed on what a woman SHOULD pack in her overnight bag, but do we really consider what is actually important? Sandals, makeup, high heels, skincare, body wash, and jewelry or only a small handful of things that are needed by the average woman. Is there any way that we really can pinpoint what EACH woman actually needs? All women are different and have different preferences.

Some women wear tons of makeup, while others wear none at all or only a little. Some women wear jewelry from head to toe, while some are satisfied with just a simple bracelet or a pair of studs. For me personally, I am not extreme with my skincare routine, but I do have a few personal favorites that I switch out from time to time. I absolutely LOVE jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets are all a favorite of mine.

I love smelling like a breath of fresh air, unless I'm going to the gym, I have to smell like fruits and candy. I have a high level of OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my ears. I've used q-tips all my life and I will continue, it's something about the feeling of them twirling in my ear that I cannot let go of. Floss, I HAVE TO floss my teeth, dear lord! How can you not?! Dental hygiene is a very important aspect of physical health.

Let's not forget to carry cash! I know, it's so much easier to carry around maybe one or two cards. The less in your purse, the better! However, some retail places only accept cash. It's best to be safe rather than in a sticky situation and scramble to get it when you could already have it. You could get a flat tire, need a ride, or be in a dangerous situation and literally the difference between life and death could be a few bucks. Look no further than the list below to see my personal favorite overnight items each woman should pack in her purse, and why!

1. Mini perfume bottle.

What lady doesn't want to smell like heaven?! I surely do! It doesn't matter if you're traveling, spending the night at a friend's house, or spending time with that special someone, we all need to smell lovely. You can easily find nice fragrances at Walmart, Target, or at your local dollar store!

2. An extra pair of panties.

I know the struggle, no one really likes to spend too much time packing or having way more than they need. However, it is always smart and safe to add on an extra pair of underwear just to be safe. You never know what may happen, or how many places you're going to. Life always throws a curveball so be ready at all times!

3. Floss

If you don't floss your teeth at all or barely ever then yes, I am judging you EXTREMELY! Brushing won't do the trick, get between those teeth ladies! No one needs to know what you ate yesterday at 7 p.m., that's not cute.

4. Cash, not just A card.

I too am trying to make this a habit. While it is very rare, places that will only accept cash still do exist. Carrying at least $30-$40 on you at all times ensure that you won't run into a sticky situation in case you desperately need it. Especially if it is a real emergency.

5. Face wash/skin care.

Travel, or simply being in a new place for an entire night, can be a bit stressful. So, why not relax and calm your skin? Always bring along some type of facial cleaner, body scrub, and moisturizer to ensure that you are looking your best, even in a chill environment!

6. Q-Tips

Yup, I clean my ears with q-tips. I know you technically shouldn't but, no one listens to that rule. I have an extreme case of OCD when it comes to cleaning my ears, and I know women who are just like me, so there you go gals.

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