We all love to feel loved, right? A simple text or call from someone you care about may be enough to brighten your day and lift you up. Especially at this time of the year in college, things can get to be very stressful. Exams, papers, and projects are beginning to overtake our lives. And even though the weather is nice outside, we are asked to stay inside and buckle down for finals... study hard! Even in the midst of all this chaos, it is so easy for you to make another's day just a little better. Here are four of my favorite ways to show the people I care about just how much they mean to me!

1. Notes and Cards

This is one of the easiest things to do, and takes little to no time at all. We are so accustomed to sending texts to people, that we hardly ever think to write an actual handwritten note. Because of this, notes or cards are often unexpected and appreciated much more than a text message. Even if it isn't a full written letter, a quote or picture in an envelope or taped on the outside of a friends' door will make them smile for sure.

2. Food

If there is any one thing that college students appreciate most, it is food. Desserts, meals, snacks, drinks, you name it. Picking up your best friends favorite candy bar at C-Club or grabbing an extra Latte at Starbucks for your study partner will go a long way. Not only does it let you know someone thought of you and went out of their way to let you know it, but it also provides you with delicious study break food!

3. Flowers

In the spring time especially, we are starting to see pops of color all around. What if you could bring these pops of color into your dorm? You can! Head over to most grocery stores, even Walgreens, and you'll find inexpensive bouquets to gift to your loved ones. There are always a range of prices for flowers, and some tend to be more expensive then others; however, I assure you the look on your friends face when she receives them will be priceless.

4. Pictures

Let's face it, we are ALWAYS on our phones. If we aren't busy surfing the internet or scrolling through feeds, it is still within two feet of our hands. Put this bad habit to good use and take a few minutes to post an Instagram story or Facebook collage for a friend you miss, or someone you just want to give a little extra love to. Better yet, print a few photos of you and your bestie and stick them in a cute frame. This way there is always a physical reminder of how important your friendship is to one another.

It doesn't have to cost money. Just taking the simple five minutes out of your day to acknowledge someone who makes your rainy days just a bit brighter, is enough. Finals can be stressful, but lighten the load for someone else and they will be sure to thank you for it, and maybe even return the favor when YOU need it most!