On May 31st, 2019, the Teenage Dream pop icon, Katy Perry, have released her smashing, summer single, "Never Really Over." Millions and millions of individuals streamed on the media and YouTube to witness her comeback! This song brings peace, happiness, and joy to a person's heart! There was a story told behind the icon's past setbacks on her last album, Witness (2017) and her relationship with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. Everyone may have a different interpretation of the song, especially in a relationship, but to my ladies, I would like to share five reasons why you should know why life is never really over with your special guy!

1. He offers nothing but positivity.

Peace and Positivity


If he has positive outlooks, the thoughts and actions should reap positive rewards!

2.  You still blush and get happy when you see him.

Blush and Smiles


If his presence puts you at ease and brings you happiness, then no worries, there is no need to switch up!

3. Despite arguments and setbacks, You can still trust him.

Lock In and Trust


If his trust years to build and it never came close to being broken, then it is Never Really Over!

4. He gives more than what he wants in the relationship.

You Give, You Live


Relationships should never be more of a burden than a blessing!

5. He supports you.

C.P.S.: Care, Protect, and Support

Supporting Guy

There is a common thread of authenticity and honesty when he supports you and your dreams!