There Will Always Be That One Person Who Tries To Degrade You
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There Will Always Be That One Person Who Tries To Degrade You

"Destruction rides on the heels of the rejection of knowledge." — II Peter 1:2-4

There Will Always Be That One Person Who Tries To Degrade You

Myself as a young woman I have had to face many cruel individuals that either are jealous, unkind, a crude, or simply just downright rude. As my mama once said, "there will always be those who don't agree with you or stand by your side, but rise above them and keep the ones that do close by."

We all experience these type of people whether it's in a church conference, school get-togethers, sports, or in work. It truly is so hard to comprehend, 'why' they are being this way towards you. But in all seriousness 98% of them are truly jealous of who you are, they are insecure, or don't know their personal worth. Not knowing this simple, but yet complicated qualities about yourself can cause destruction to those around you that do.

Those commonly used, but settle comments such as; "could have done better," " this is how I did it," "you look pretty, but this is wrong." These might seem that this is a kind way of being there, but deep down you need to know that it is them truthfully degrading for who you are and what you are. Unfortunately, there is never a time we can avoid these people and their comments; but let me tell you the ways that helped me through these type of people.

Reply with positivity.

Say something positive, or encouraging to yourself that supports who you are or what you stand for. This shuts them down and won't allow them to degrade.

Stand tall and be confident.

Be confident in who YOU are, not who THEY want you to be. Because you are a creation that has been built up by Gods Glory and Grace.

Don't fight fire with fire.

When you add fuel to a car it starts well, when you throw extra wood into a fire it begins to become bigger. This is what will happen if you fight fire with fire. Instead simply just fuel it with the best confidence and assurance of yourself you have.


RISE, ABOVE! You are greater than all weak, you are stronger than you've ever imagined, and you are wonderfully made in the image of God.

Be confident in who you are, bring others up, and lastly be kind. The battles other face are invisible to us but very bold to them.

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