The lights, the action, the drama! Nothing in the world can compare to the feeling of being taken to a new world right before your eyes. It is a 3 hour break from everyday life that makes you laugh, cry or even just take a long needed breath.

Some people claim that the shows are overpriced and they may as well just go to the movies. However to me, nothing - I repeat, nothing - in the world can compare to the experience of seeing a Broadway production. The whole process is overwhelmingly exciting, from buying your ticket to walking out of the theater still filled with adrenaline from the final bows.

The first moment that you step into the theater, you are transported back to in time to an age of grandeur and beauty. Each theater is so majestic with its own ornate decorations and grand stages. Next, you get escorted to your seat and have that “this is really happening” moment, even if you have seen thousands of shows previously. You get comfortable in your seat, peruse the actors and song list in the playbill. Then the bells go off, the lights dim, and it’s showtime.

I am not an actress, wannabe actress, or any other form of job in the theater industry. I am just a girl from Long Island who longed for the weekends in which I took the train to the city to see a show. I have seen around 20 different shows throughout my lifetime and still know approximately ALL of the soundtracks. The most recent shows that I have seen were Mean Girls, Hamilton: An American Musical, and Anastasia - all of which I highly recommend. Of all the shows I have seen there is not one that I wouldn’t recommend to someone.

New York City itself is its very own adventure. For a local, it could be an annoying city in which they live or travel to frequently, but it also can be a place that holds endless adventures. Every time I venture into the city it’s a new adventure that differs from any other time I was there, which makes every trip special. This can be comparable, in a way, to a New York City virgin. For a distant, new traveler the city holds wonders and Broadway is always on the list. What I believe is so special about a Broadway show in comparison to per say a Chicago production of a traveling Broadway show is the experience that comes with it, which includes NYC.

I have recently seen a production of Candide in Atlanta, but no matter how much I tried to enjoy the production, something was missing. After much deliberation, I could only come to one conclusion: it wasn’t Broadway. That may sound vague, but it’s not. There was no full package, it was only the show. I didn’t first walk through the bright Times Square Lights; I wasn’t greeted at the doors of the famous theater; I didn’t clutch the renowned Playbill in my hand. I am not putting down the abilities of the performers, the directors, or the creative, as they were all talented in their own right. However, the quality of the sets and the range of actor’s skills will never be comparable to that of the original Broadway casts, at least not for me.

A Broadway show is an escape in all forms - a journey through an amazing city and a journey into a story that will capture your heart.