10 Themes For Your Pair Of Crocs
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10 Themes For Your Next Pair Of Crocs

You have to deck your crocs out with some jibbitz!

10 Themes For Your Next Pair Of Crocs

Crocs are the most comfortable shoes ever, hands down. No matter what some people may say, crocs keep your feet warm and you can wear them for hours. The best thing about crocs is that you can deck them out with some cool ass jibbitz. Here are 10 ideas for jibbitz to have on your next pair of Crocs.

1. High school

You can put your graduated year on your Crocs that were your high school colors.

2. Favorite saying

You can put one of your favorite short sayings. Or just a text phrase you like.

3. Disney

Everyone loves Disney and they have plenty of jibbitz for you to show your love!

4. Sports

You can either do your favorite sports team or do the sports that you played and the number you had when you played.

5. Holiday

Just in time for Christmas, they have Christmas lights and a gingerbread jibbitz on the croc site!

6. Emojis

Everyone loves emojis! They have the cool sunglasses emoji and the kissy face emoji.

7. Greek life

They have a few Greek symbols as jibbitz.

8. College

Use your abbreviated college name on your right foot and then your grad year on your left foot with your college color and you'd have the ultimate college support.

9. Food

They have a pizza jibbit!

10. Superhero

Between Marvel or D.C. you can make your statement by putting those jibbitz in your crocs.

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