5 People You Will Encounter At Thanksgiving Dinner

5 People You Will Encounter at Thanksgiving Dinner

Because Thanksgiving dinner is always a blast.

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Thanksgiving dinner is a time where families come together and sit around the table to share stories, create memories, and celebrate quality time with one another. However, at every Thanksgiving dinner, there will be some people who have the most interesting characteristics that outshine the others. There are specifically five humorous ones:

1. The broke college student.

The broke college student is usually the one who wants to be there the least. They are sick of answering questions to how the school is going, their classes, their major, or if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Usually, they are dying through the semester and want to be left alone. The typical broke college kid is there for the free food and the naps. The best thing to do is leave them alone and send over some cash.

2. The "Newly Wed"

The Newly Wed is any couple who is recently dating, engaged, or married sitting at the dinner table. Sure, they're adorable, but who doesn't "aww" at romance every now and then. However, just because you're in love doesn't mean you have to finish each other's sentences, nor feed each other dessert and secretly hold hands under the table. This is a family dinner, not a wedding ceremony.

3. The "Old Man" 

This is the old guy who usually sits at the end of the table and will never shut up. This guy usually goes on and on about his days being a boy and has the most descriptive stores. He usually eats the most of the turkey with loads of gravy and has the loudest laughs.

4. The sweet grandma

This is usually the traditional old woman in the family who does the extra cooking for the family. Usually, they prepare the desserts and side options. They are usually still dressed in an apron finishing off the last few dishes while answering the door. They're the best with the little ones and they show the most love.

5. The little kiddos.

Usually, this group consists of five to ten-year-old children who sit at the kid's table, or in between the adults. They tend to be the messiest and the pickiest eaters, avoiding mashed potatoes and stuffing. They are the cutest out of everyone and seeing them at dinner will make your heart happy, at least until they start crying.

Hopefully, these five people at your Thanksgiving table this year will tone down a little.

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