The 21 Best Types of People to Travel With
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The 21 Best Types of People to Travel With

It's not the journey or the destination, it's the seat-mate!

The 21 Best Types of People to Travel With
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Studying abroad for the summer has opened my eyes to the type of person I want to be, and the type of people I want to surround myself with. When the vibes are high and the outlook is positive, living in close quarters in an unfamiliar area becomes the best experience of your life. Visiting four countries in less than forty days and seeing all that these places had to offer can be difficult in large groups with conflicting opinions. These little disagreements and compromises, though irritating among a large group of overly-tired girls, became the best roadblocks and took us on paths we never would have wandered upon otherwise.

This experience made me realize the qualities that I can improve on when being a travel companion, as well as the best ones to look for in others.

See as much of the world as you can, but make sure to share it with people who radiate light the same way the Mediterranean sun does.

1. People who take risks

Playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone are not things that will enhance your experiences abroad. Be bold, encourage your friends to try new things, and maybe even reach new heights or depths, (literally).

2. People who go with the flow

Strict itineraries are dangerous and don't leave room for free exploring-which is the best part of any trip.

3. People who share food

There are only so many things one can try-so double your opportunity!

4. People who aren't afraid of some exercise

There are no views worth seeing without a little hiking and a lot of walking. Keep this in mind when you help each other pack as well- you don't want to hear someone complain the whole time about the shoes they wore!

5. People who try to immerse themselves in new cultures

People that attempt to learn simple words in a language to be polite are the best! The locals will love your effort and treat you with extra kindness. Don't travel with someone that acts like the typical, obnoxious American tourist.

6. People that make you laugh until you cry

Laughter IS the best medicine, especially for a case of homesickness.

7. People that stay off their phones

Nobody likes someone that ignores them for a text or social media post. Live in the moment! Talk to your loved ones and share pictures, but if you know your friend has a phone addiction, don't let them spend more time in a screen than immersed in our beautiful Earth.

8. People that hit the right angles for your pictures

Instagram after a trip abroad should be POPPIN'!

9. People that you can talk to for hours on end

Bus rides, train rides, and late nights are much better spent in compelling conversation than with headphones in both of your ears. Choose your travel companion wisely.

10. People who want to go out

Make the best of where you are, and let the liquid courage help you meet some locals! (Safely, of course).

11. People that value staying in

Contradictory, I know. But early mornings in beautiful places can be worth the sacrifice of a night out.

12. People who can be responsible

Passports, money, and tickets can get you from place to place. Someone that misplaces everything may be an extra stressor. We all make mistakes, but one friend can't be responsible for every plan and every document.

13. People who can compromise

Stubbornness isn't very productive abroad.

14. People with bomb playlists


15. People who value taking the path less traveled

Tourist traps are easy to find when you stay in one place for an extended period of time. The best parts of the big cities are the ones you discover or stumble upon yourselves, not the ones surrounded by thousands of spectators.

16. People with similar interests

You want to make sure the museum you've been dying to go to won't make your friends want to crawl in a hole.

17. People who will challenge you

Yes you want to have similar interests, but if my friends didn't suggest things that didn't originally spark my interest, I wouldn't have had the variety of experiences I had, and variety is the key to a successful trip.

18. People who will take care of you

You might get sick on a trip. You might pass out in the heat. You might drink a little bit too much. Be with someone you trust!

19. People who value alone time

After weeks of spending time together, and hour of silence between travel companions can be good for everyone's mental health.

20. People that like to try new things

You gotta risk it to get the biscuit. In other words, the unfamiliar is meant to be explored.

21. People that make the best of everything

Complainers are the worst-travel with someone who can provide positive outlooks even when obstacles arise. Not everything will go perfectly. This is why who you're with can make or break your trip. Sometimes the best moments were waiting in line or walking between monuments and enjoying the company.

There's nothing like a road trip with the best passenger-so treat your travels accordingly!

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