5 Steps To Making Your Dreams Come True (With A Little Disney Magic)
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Student Life

5 Steps To Making Your Dreams Come True (With A Little Disney Magic)

The real world vs. your dreams.

5 Steps To Making Your Dreams Come True (With A Little Disney Magic)

There are many things every person should know when going on the journey towards their dreams. This is a list just to name a few so you can keep it in your back pocket as a daily reminder throughout your journey.

1. Always remember that you can accomplish anything.

When you use hard work and determination, you can make the smallest dream into the biggest reality. You have to push through the storms and rally against those who would hold you back. That’s what helps celebrities, musicians, actors, authors and even everyone who doesn’t fall into those categories. When times get rough you should always remember that the way you think and how you keep your attitude will help shape the end result, because if you think, “Oh, this will never happen,” then it won’t. You have to stay positive or your dreams will never be accomplished.

2. You will need support from friends or family.

The definition of support is to give assistance, and that’s what friends or family are for. Who will offer advice when you feel unsure about a decision? Who will hold your pillars on their shoulders when their weight puts an ache in your bones? Your friends will most likely be on the same path you are to following their dreams. You can help each other with support. Family will support you with the important things such as money, a place to stay and of course advice. Having support will balance the stress you will feel and make it an overall easier experience.

3. remember to make it up the ranks without tearing down those you encounter.

Don’t judge others for their dreams, or for the things they’ll do to achieve them. Don’t try to sabotage another person’s dreams by trying to tell them that their dreams are lesser than yours or that they will never be accomplished. The biggest reason why you shouldn’t do this is because karma does exist, and once you’ve wished negativity on someone it will be brought onto you and most likely even worse. You should want to encourage others by offering support like others do for you. Just remember: You aren’t the only one who's on a path to their dreams and how you treat others affects how others will treat you.

4. Accept that your dream may not be accomplished in just a day, a week, a month or even a year.

These things will take time, so you have to learn patience. Some dreams are too grand to be finished in a short amount of time. Would you rather a tailor rushing to hem your wedding dress and make a mistake in the process because you wanted your dress right this very moment? Life is just like the tailor, slowly stitching and weaving prosperity into your life with precise strokes and careful measurements. Without patience your dream will be crafted with mistakes, and those mistakes will hinder your dream from becoming concrete.

5. Last but not least, remember to stay humble on your journey and once your dream has been achieved.

To be humble means to keep yourself from bragging too loudly about your riches, When you're extremely boastful around those who have supported you without giving them your appreciation, they will start to believe you are big-headed. When you stay humble, it creates a potential chance for someone you've just met to root for you and even offer their help with either expanding on your dream or just catching it. When you’re the kind of person who keeps from boasting too much, being too prideful then you keep people from thinking negatively about you and passing their judgment to the next person.

That's all folks! I hope you take this into consideration when wandering down your yellow-brick road!

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