The Walking Dead Returns
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The Walking Dead Returns

The Walking Dead Returns

It's finally back! If you've spen the last few months going through zombie withdraw, then get ready because the season six midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead" is upon us. Here are a few things that we are all absolutely excited about, and a few things that we want to know in the upcoming season.

1. Have you seen the trailer?

So the real question here (for those who haven't read the comics) is who is Negan? How does this biker group compare to the Claimers? What we do know is that it's definitely not going to be good.

2. "We are the walking dead."

So in the last scene, the group covers themselves in walker guts and strolls out of the house hand in hand into the herd. The scene is very poetic and reflective of Rick's earlier statement, "We are the walking dead," but what does this mean for the Alexandrians? Will they finally step up and adapt to this apocalyptic world where only the strong survive? Or are they going to be walker bait to keep up the show's body count without killing off main characters?

3. Will they save Alexandria?

The walls are down and the walkers are invading the town, so are we going to lure them out, have a mass walker killing or relocate completely?

4. Glenn and Maggie

Ok, we need to stop separating these two! They are a perfect couple and are often the only hope we have as viewers that prove that people in this world can make it through horrors and still hold on to their humanity. So will they reunite, or are the writers just screwing with our emotions and planing to kill Glenn off because I don't think the fans will forgive them (I know I still haven't forgiven them for Glenn's last near death encounter). Also, How is Maggie going to handle pregnancy now that Alexandria is no longer safe?

5. The wolves.

Unless you are one of those dedicated people who have read the comics, you are with the rest of us who are only vaguely aware of who the Wolves are. All we need to know is whether or not they are worse than the cannibals in Terminus.

6. More decaying walkers.

Every season, 'The Walking Dead' team never ceases to amaze us with creative ways to display and kill the walkers, and we cant wait to see what gore they plan to splash across the screen next.

7. Daryl Dixon.

We've seen a lot of his soft emotional side lately, and while it makes the girls swoon, it worries me. If we're sticking with the theory that the group's moral compass usually becomes number one on the death list, then Daryl needs to be a little less compassionate and focus on his own well being.

8. Who will die next?

We're six seasons in, by now we all know that no one is safe. We're also running low on expendable Alexandrians, so the death of one of our core members is probably going to come soon. You can pray that the writers will save your favorite characters, but you know it's probably too late, so prepare the tissues, mourning apparel and social media rants.

If you're not already stoked about the premier, then find someone who is and have their excitement rub off on you because the walls are down and it's about to go down.

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