I've Been in a Daze Ever Since the Day That We Met
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'I've Been in a Daze Ever Since the Day that We Met'

The Unexpected Answer to My Prayers

'I've Been in a Daze Ever Since the Day that We Met'
Christie Cooper

It's the one you never expect - who comes along and makes you forget you had ever had your heart broken.

The one who comes along and clears all doubts you ever had in regard to Love, seems to show you what it feels like to really be swept off your feet.

The one who takes your breath away each and every moment spent together, leaves you wondering why you ever questioned the one who has all control.

I always thought my life was meant to resemble a sappy, dramatic Nicholas Sparks movie or those on Hallmark that make you question if true love like that really exists. Assuming as always, I just knew if I watched enough of those movies that's how my life would turn out….the first guy I fell in love with would be "the one," and we'd live happily after.

I knew what I wanted…I was so sure about him and our future, but when our relationship fell apart, So did I.

For months, each day passed, and I decided to live them to the fullest. Instead of facing my true feelings of heartache and loneliness, I thought "forgive and forget…" or at least I tried anyways. For months, after always thinking of what could've been, the time had finally come for me to move on. While taking control of my own life always seemed to be my specialty, God stepped ahead and assured that he had other plans for me.

In the most unexpected time in my life, you appeared and gave me reasons to believe in love again.

While there were obviously more important things I should have been praying for, I prayed to God to send me someone whom I would spend the rest of my life with…I didn't want to date a bunch of guys, I wanted the real thing with the right guy.

You, Logan Cooper, were the unexpected answer to my prayers.

From the moment we met, until this very second…you have left me in a daze and made me forget every reason I ever had to doubt that true love really existed. No love that I thought I had before, even comes close to the extraordinary love we share.

Each new memory we have made together generated a blur of memories from the past…because nothing compares to how I feel when I am with you.

Of course, you and I can both agree we have our fair share of differences. Never would I have pictured the love of my life to have three tattoos and be a total geek on the inside. It's no lie I would have never chosen someone who is in the military to spend the rest of my life with…because everyone knows military families have it the hardest. As silly as it may sound, my preference was to never date an only child…because my biggest fear was having the parents not like me and no siblings to run to. All these fears instantly swept over me when we met, but I never had a clue how insignificant those ideas were.

Instantly, I realized how tattoos really shouldn't affect your thoughts or feelings about a person. Although they were quite intimidating at first, you let your heart of gold outshine the ink on your arms. I've yet to meet someone as genuine, respectful, and kind-hearted as you. Never have I seen you put yourself above someone else and just when I think I couldn't possibly love you more…You give me another reason to.

Marvel and Harry Potter aren't exactly my forte, but hearing you talk about all the teensy details concerning each new movie you watch…makes me giggle at my almost 21-year-old boyfriend. Since the first day we met, there are two things you have never failed to do… Make me smile and make me proud.

Us girls know how to go to every inch to get under our guy's skin. We're all guilty of finding nonexistent problems just to start an argument…but one thing I can say for you is you have never let an argument go unresolved. You are always the first to apologize and the first to reassure me you love me, even when it was clearly my fault.

Thank you for being the man I never knew I needed in my life.

It isn't your age or your job that makes you a man. It's the way you present yourself to others and me. The way you always greet someone with a firm handshake and how respectful you are using sir, mam, please, and thank you. Men like you are hard to come across these days because everyone feels like the world owes them something…but YOU gave me faith that I am one of the lucky ones to experience a love like Johnny and June.

Being in love with you…I never have to worry. I always have a new reason to be thankful God sent someone like you in my life to love until the day I die. Whether we are five minutes or five hundred minutes apart…I never have to doubt that you are the one from me. The only one forever and always. I pinky promise.

It's the greatest feeling in the world knowing you have someone to love until the day you die, with absolutely zero doubts scanning across your mind.

Last summer, everyone assured me the perfect man for me.. would come along and love me like 'he' should have. I just had no idea how right everyone was and how perfect that man would truly be... for me. It's like nothing or no one even matters when we're together and even after so many months... the butterflies are still fluttering. You make me a stronger and more loving person than I was before...I am truly much better with you than without.

Each day that passes, I still can't believe I am in as great of a relationship as I am.

I have never had someone as crazy about me as I was about them and it seriously feels amazing. I can't imagine a life without you in it and it's honestly hard to even remember my life before you existed.

So many times, in our lives, we doubt, and we question…and really are we wrong to do so? We can't help but want only the very best for ourselves and have a love that never loses its electricity. It's something everyone deserves. -To love and be loved-

Patience has never been my strong suit, but once I finally decided to let go and let God…he blessed me with a man I could never possibly deserve. He showed me if I just have faith and believe in him, he will never fail.

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes."

To know that I not only have the kind of love that makes me laugh until I cry but also the kind that perfectly embodies the definition of the word itself…leaves me absolutely Speechless.

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