The Ultimate Christmas Movie List
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The Ultimate Christmas Movie List

Nothing can beat number seven.

The Ultimate Christmas Movie List

It's that time of year - Christmas movies are playing on a loop on multiple channels, families sit down to watch their favorites by a cozy fire, and hot cocoa is in hand; you are ready to watch your movie of choice. While there are a plethora of movies to choose from to watch this holiday season, nothing can beat the top 15 Christmas movies of all time!

1. Rudolph, the classic version.

Nothing can beat the classics. Everyone knows the story of Rudolph and it is not Christmas time to me until I have watched this at least once.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In this humorous movie, a humbug of a character decides to stop Christmas from happening. If you are looking for a family friendly, funny movie this is perfect!

3. Elf

"SANTA!! I KNOW HIM"! I can guarantee that almost everyone is familiar with this phrase. In this comedy, Buddy the Elf leaves the North Pole to go to New York in order to find his father.

4. Home Alone

While this series is not necessarily considered a classic, it is one in my eyes. I watch each of these movies multiple times a year. Kevin, a young and mischievous boy wise for his years wishes for his family to disappear. Much to his luck, they accidently leave him behind as they board a plane and he is left behind to prevent two criminals from breaking into his house.

5. A Christmas Story

If you do not watch this classis at least once every Christmas Eve, you are not doing Christmas right! Ralphy, a young boy who desperately wants a BB gun for Christmas has to hear it from all those around him how it will shoot his eye out. If you have not already, I highly recommend watching this this Christmas Eve.

6. Jingle All The way

In this family comedy, a father goes on the hunt to find a Turbo Man doll for his son. He faces many trails during his encounter.

7. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Nothing is better than watching the Griswold's do Christmas each year. I have watched this movie six times this holiday season so far and I am not one bit embarrassed!

8. Scrooged

In this spinoff of the classis movie, Scrooge, Bill Murray is faced with spending time with the ghosts of past, present and future.

9. White Christmas

Now this is a classic! In this 1950's movie, Bing Crosby and other namely actors spend their Christmas in Vermont as singers.

10. Miracle on 34th Street

This is also a very well known classic that is a much see. A little girl who is the daughter of a lawyer does all that she can to prove that Santa is real as he gets accustomed to spending time with her.

11. Christmas with the Kranks

In this hilarious favorite, The Kranks decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise. Throughout the movie, they are faced with dealing with their neighbors questions and concerns as to why they believe skipping Christmas even crossed their minds.

12. The Polar Express

This emotional, coming of age, animated movie is another must see. A little boy who starts to doubt the idea of Santa is taken on an unexpected trip to the North pole on Christmas Eve where he finds out the truth about Santa Clause's existence.

13. Deck the Halls

Danny DeVito and Matthew Brodrick do a great job acting as rivals in this Christmas movie.

14. Bad Santa

While this movie may not be family friendly, it is still hilarious none the less. Billy Bob Thorton plays a criminal who goes from mall to mall each Christmas season working as Santa and then robs the malls. He meets a little boy that he then lives with and the story tells a lot of their relationship.

15. The Santa Clause

Much to Scott Calvin's disbelief, he is in fact Santa Clause. Tim Allen plays Santa and is forced to continue on with his new life. Throughout the movie he parts ways with his average life and begins the life of Santa Clause with his son by his side the entire time.

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