VSCO. VSCO is an up and coming editing app that teens and creative adults are using today to not just edit their photos they want to post. Whether it's choosing between A6 and C1, making a DSCO (a boomerang), or just trying to be a 'basic vsco user', there's so much more that this app has to offer.

Now with the app VSCO, people have the ability to post whatever content they want. With the simple feed just like a regular social media app like Instagram or Twitter, scrolling through aesthetically pleasing photos has become a norm for most.

One feature that I love about this app is that you can't see who other people are following or who people follow. You are only able to see your own content followers and who you choose to follow. This feature allows it to be a more subtle social media app because there are no commenting, and likes, the person that posted the photo is only able to see the amount of likes and republishes.

I love this feature because it allows others to not be as self conscious about how many likes they get or have it be a game of who has the most followers. This app has a 'chill' aspect that other social media's don't offer.

You are the creator. Whatever you post on this site makes you the creator of all the content you choose to publish. Some people try to create a theme or just post whatever their heart desires. This app gives people the power to bring out the creative side in people by simply just applying a filter on a photo and maybe turning the saturation up +.5 or the grain +.7.

Another one of my favorite things about this app is that you can really see a person's life through their vsco. Since there's no socially acceptable level to how much or little you post, the sky 's the limit. Scrolling through a users VSCO is a timeline of any moment they chose to capture, and every picture within it has its own story.

One feature that I also adore is using VSCO journal. This portion of the app allows the users to create a blog like post and compile several pictures and add captions to them. Making a VSCO journal makes it easier to post all your pictures from one time in one place, or post several pictures from say a year and compile them to reminisce you're year that you had with captions to explain every picture in place.

Republishing someone else's photo on this app is just like retweeting something on twitter. If a person republishes a picture then the picture shows up on their feed just like sharing a picture that someone else has posted. This gives the social media app an aspect of sharing without a hassle.

Whether it's a beach picture, your coffee in the morning, a netflix quote, or a candid photo of your best friend. I have found that VSCO is the friendliest social media app there is.