The Train Wreck That Was The MTV VMAs
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The Train Wreck That Was The MTV VMAs

When it's so bad, you can't look away.

The Train Wreck That Was The MTV VMAs

The Video Music Awards (VMAs) have always had the reputation of being downright crazy. You are asking for some type of fireworks when you mix some of the most popular and talented people in the music industry in the same room. Egos are bound to clash; however, for some reason this particular awards show always seems to be DRAMA CENTRAL.

From downright oh-no-you-didn't moments, insane outfit choices, and eye-popping performances (usually for bad reasons), viewers are never going to say they were bored. Let's be honest here, when there's a trainwreck, you can't look away.

There has never been a VMA Show that didn't leave it's viewers talking about it for weeks after the fact. There is always something controversial that happens. This year was no different, and in my opinion, it may have been the craziest I've ever seen!

1. Miley Cyrus Hosting

MTV... please explain to me why you let this "trainwreck" host your show? No offense, but I have never seen someone who begs for more attention than this 23-year-old. I guess MTV was trying to play off their ratings from 2013 when Miley performed with Robin Thicke in one of the most raunchy performances on national television. It was obvious that MTV desperately wanted attention by putting the no-filter celebrity as host of the night. Did they not learn their lesson last year? Cyrus has gone off the rails, and she is continuing on that downward spiral as the years go on. I'm all for expressing your opinion, and the YOLO mantra; however, Miley takes it way too far ALL THE TIME. Sure, the people that are watching this awards show are used to seeing crazy shows on the MTV network, but are you ever really prepared for Miley's shenanigans of the night? Miley, we get it. You're no longer Hannah Montana anymore, but please tone it down.

2. Miley's Outfit Choices

No explanation needed here. Just look:

Miley arrived on the VMA carpet in what looked like a duck tape strapped chandelier. This just looked like a nip slip waiting to happen. There's a way to make a statement where you don't have to be basically nude, Miley.

The outfit changes continued to make audiences question reality. Were they watching a music awards show or the circus?

I guess MTV hosting means you dress in your best Halloween costumes... These weren't even all of her outfits; she had a total of 10 "costume" changes over the course of the night. All of them had you thinking "WTF." It still flabbergasts me how Billy Ray Cyrus could sit in the crowd along with his wife and younger daughter watching Miley wear some of the most provocative outfits seen on live television. How are you not uncomfortable, and how are you not telling your daughter to put some clothes on? I'm all for freedom of expression, but I just don't understand.

3. The Nip Slip

I guess we can be thankful that Miley was clothed (or semi-clothed) for most of the show. Audiences were still cringing, because all of the outfits were asking for nip slips to happen. THEN, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Backstage, before Miley's performance, she was getting changed holding a curtain up as people were getting her ready. One minor mistake, and FREE THE NIPPLE became a reality. The free-spirit nonchalantly said, "Oh sorry, that was my nipple." Oh, no big deal. I'm sure MTV was ecstatic about dealing with indecency charges after the fact. (I told you MTV, what were you thinking?)

4. Nicki Minaj v. Miley Cyrus

Miley's big mouth always seems to cause issues, but she really did it this time. Nicki Minaj is not someone I would want to mess with. She may not always know how to deliver what she has an opinion about in the right way, but she always speaks her mind. In the weeks leading up to the show, Nicki was frustrated that her "Anaconda" video was not nominated for Video of the Year, and she went on a Twitter rant to express her discontent. One thing led to another, and she was making it a race issue, and Taylor Swift got involved. The rest is history. It was all a misunderstanding, and it was no longer an issue. Heck, Taylor and Nicki even opened up the show together. (I was left speechless too, believe me.)

Miley was asked about her thoughts in an interview, and she basically said that Nicki is too aggressive, and that she didn't help her cause of trying to get her point across because of her attitude. All good points, but like I said, you don't mess with Nicki.

Minaj ended up winning Hip Hop/R&B Video of the Year, and she went up to give her acceptance speech. By the end of the speech, she developed this evil glare on her face saying, "And back to this b!tch over here who had a lot to say about me to the press the other day... Miley what's good?"

(aka THE gif of the night)

At this point in the show, I no longer had a clue what I was actually watching. Was this the Real Housewives of Hollywood or an awards show that was supposed to be celebrating artist successes? IT JUST WENT DOWN. HOLY CRAP. Miley just looked stunned, and it took her a minute to have a comeback. Had both the singers been on the same stage, it may have been the first cat fight in VMA history.

MTV, you dodged a bullet here.

5. Justin Bieber's Tear Fest

Justin Bieber. A name we all know too well. He was America's favorite little pop star, and then he was the kid America loved to hate. His reputation went from every girl's dream guy to Hollywood's bad boy. Bieber was at the top of his game, and we slowly witnessed his downfall in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Little did we know that he had it in him to make a comeback, and that is exactly what we witnessed last Sunday night. The beginning of a new era of Justin Bieber who acknowledges that he has made mistakes. He has talent, and he knows he can't let it go to waste. I'm sure some viewers loved witnessing the pop star crying, but as a fan at the beginning of his career, it kind of made me emotional. I hate to admit that because he had done so much that made it easy for me to lose all hope in him, but it makes me happy that he is finally realizing that he was given a gift. He has to make the most of it. BY THE WAY... if his new song is just the beginning of what's to come in the future, WE ARE IN FOR A TREAT.

6. Taylor Swift Presenting Kanye West His Award

It's pretty obvious that Kanye has a reputation at the VMAs since his infamous "Imma let you finish..." moment in 2008. He took the microphone from Taylor Swift when she was about to give her speech for winning Video of the Year. The past is the past, and the two have made amends. They are good friends now. The fact that MTV had Taylor present Kanye with the Vanguard Award which was the most prestigious award of the night... MTV, come on now. Kanye was less than impressed by the network trying to get ratings by advertising the moment. He no longer wants to be remembered for his mistakes in the past. He knows what he did was wrong, and he doesn't want to dwell on the past anymore. West and MTV may have some serious "Bad Blood" now, but Taylor and Kanye are closer than ever. GOOD TRY MTV, GOOD TRY.

7. Kanye West's Speech

Kanye has that reputation for being so intelligent that he doesn't know how to put it into words. That is exactly what happened on Sunday night. After Taylor Swift presented him with the iconic award, he stood on the small stage for what seemed like forever. I thought he was just taking in the moment, but little did I know that he was actually about to give the speech of his lifetime. He expressed his disapproval of MTV continuing to use the interruption footage in 2008, and how they are basically begging for ratings. TRUE.

He went on to talk about how it was the biggest mistake of his life, and that he has done a lot of growing up since then. He is tired of apologizing because what's past is past. He thinks back on that night all the time, and what he would've done different had he not drank a half a bottle of Hennessy that night. TRUE. After many pauses, he continued on to talk about how he is starting to hate these types of award shows. He says, "I still don't understand award shows. I don't understand how they get five people who work their entire life on selling records, selling concert tickets to come stand on a carpet and for the first time in they life be judged on a chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser." TRUE.

Award shows that once brought artists together are now putting some of the best in the industry up against each other. When they lose, they think they aren't worthy, when that is not the truth. I know it's pretty much impossible to get rid of award shows completely, but he's got a point. Artists work for years on their albums, and then they feel as if they are a failure when they don't win.

I'm not going to lie. Some parts of his speech had me confused. He would ramble about one thing, and then completely change the subject. The speech went on forever until he ended with... THAT'S WHY I HAVE DECIDED IN 2020 TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

Same Taylor, my reaction exactly. So was that a campaign speech or an acceptance speech? I'll forever be confused.

Let's just say, the 2015 VMAs was something I never thought I'd see in my "wildest dreams..." (Get it, because Taylor premiered her new music video. OK I'M OBSESSED.) This is definitely a night that no one is going to forget. If that is the reputation that MTV wants for the VMAs, then I guess keep doing you.

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