Most of these costumes include the absolute bare minimum of what you need to pull off an effortless Halloween look while saving some money. You can dress up any of these costumes, with your own personal flare, in order to make your costume more unique and stick out from the crowd.

1. Cat 

This is a classic go to costume because it it so easy. All you need are ears and any black clothes and you are done. I recommend a black skirt and tank. Enough said.

2. Salt and Pepper Costume

Grab your bestie and recreate this iconic duo costume! All you need is a big black t-shirt dress, big white t-shirt dress, white marker, and a black marker. Bam! You are done!

3. Punk Rocker

All you need is fishnet stockings. You probably already have a graphic tee in the back of your closet or grab a basic black tee and cut small holes in it. Done, done and done! You can dress this up with some heavy eye makeup, messy hair and statement earrings.

4. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

This is a great costume to do with a group of friends. All you need to do is pick a color and order a shirt with the logo.

5. Nerd 

The easiest one by far! I have found myself pulling out this classic year after year. If you went to a school with uniforms, you are already there! Or most likely, any plaid skirt will do the trick. Next you need glasses and some sneakers. Easy Peasy.