When I Encountered My Idol

When I Encountered My Idol

When Your Aspirations Correlate with Hers

One would sight the marvelous Miss Isabella Beeton in frequent company of Martha Stewart or Julia Child, had the triumvirate been contemporaries. As a successful marketing expert, food connoisseur, and author, she was undoubtedly the entrepreneurial mastermind of her day, having created England’s cherished prize, “The Book of Household Management.

I treaded the Derbyshire moors toward her childhood home, the Ascot grandstands. It was here where Isabella learned to simultaneously be a housewife and businesswoman; I presumed that the responsibility she must have endured raising twelve siblings must have had a significant toll on her future view of life.

As I closely squinted into the massive building at the foot of the grandstands, minimal light exposure revealed her weary eyes and stalwart countenance, signs of her unwavering dedication a male-dominated world of journalism. The room’s darkness concealed her neatly pressed hourglass petticoat, strategically covering a buttoned-up soul, one withheld by societal expectations and physical constraints.

I thanked her for propagating an unspoken truth, that the potential to create a positive impact on our familiar female comrades resided in ourselves.

We discussed the woman’s battle of conscience.

How does one find a compromise between household obligations and her inconspicuous professional desires?

How did Beeton herself prove her Victorian society wrong by becoming a self-satisfied woman pursuing her passion for professional writing?

I contemplated her reaction to both my and society's criticism and praise, with her unbeknownst to the welcoming reception she would receive today. She revealed that persistence allowed her to prove her gender-segregated surroundings wrong, that a woman can indeed be respected for pursuing her dreams and ultimately financially support herself for her publications.

Beeton captured the potential of youth, of an unexpected level of confidence unfairly terminated. She went above and beyond most women of her day, and even that may be an understatement. I asked her if she knew how widespread her inspiring influence has grown through the past one hundred fifty years, and how she would react to such positivity.

Though she wrote of culinary methods and fashion trends now departed from our current tastes palettes, I revealed to her my motives to preserve these traditions, as history embodies a culture within itself. Her no-nonsense persona parallels my own staunch determination to be of service to my society, to enter the professional workforce and become an influential being to those around me.

Cover Image Credit: Stevens Historical Research Associates

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18 things all college kids think during their first week home of summer break

Because it's so nice to be home, I think?


1. Ahhh, it's so nice to be home

Buckingham Palace ain't got nothing on this place

2. OMG my pups!! I missed you doggos so much

Just accept my love. Pls. Love me back, I've been gone for 8 months. I'm begging.

3. Wow this queen bed is so big

*cue sleeping in a starfish position*

4. Finally a bedroom to myself

Headphones? I don't know her.

5. But wait, it's kinda scary sleeping in a dark room alone again

"Hello? Are there any ghosts in here?"

6. Sooooooo, no more meal plan?

Are you sure the local Chick-Fil-A doesn't accept meal swipes?

7. Who am I supposed to annoy at 2am if my friends don't live down the hall anymore?

2:30 AM: "Mom? Dad? Wanna go get french fries with me? Maybe watch a movie?"


"Okay maybe tomorrow...Sorry for bothering you. Okay good talk!"

8. "Mom you're going to do my laundry now, right?"

I mean it's kinda your job isn't it?

No? Okay yes ma'am I will do my own laundry no problemo, aye aye captain!

9. Me and my friends are going to spend every day together

*Me talking to myself through the camera on Snapchat*:

"So we're approaching day four with zero human interaction. Pretty good work, but we could do better!"

10. Yes, final grades are in! Can't wait to see what I got this semester!

*Slowly closes computer screen*

11. Do I really have to ask my parents to leave the house?

*Doesn't Ask*:



Mom: "Oh honey you're an adult now, you don't have to ask! Come and go as you please!"

12. Chores? Yea no thank you.

They've been doing them without me for months. They're all set.

13. Wait, so forreal though.. do restaurants in town take my meal plan?

Bank Account: $5.93

*Whispers to worker* "I won't tell if you don't. Just swipe my school ID, see if it works."

14. Will my Juul set off the fire alarm in my bedroom?


*Rips Juul*

15. I kinda underestimated how weird it would be to hang out with people from my high school again.

"Oh no you haven't changed a bit Janice! Your baby is so cute lol."

*Awkwardly laughs*

16. Why do my old friends have new friends?

I don't like this, not one bit.

17. Can they tell that I'm not really listening to their stories about school?

"Yeah haha Delta Sigma Mu sounds sooooo dope Chad, that's ~wild~ that you had late nights three times a week lol!"

"Oh you snuck into the football stadium when the gates were unlocked?? That's crazy, you're crazy, school sounds... crazy!"

18. I'm bored. How long until I can go back to school?

Is it too late for a summer intersession?

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Poetry On Odyssey: Doubt

It is time to wage war on our emotions, yet to do so we must be ready for the unknown.

What is it

Where does it come from

Why is it here

How is it so strong

When will it go away

Who even is it?

Questions on questions

They pile up higher and higher

But for what?

Is it only to be answered with another question

A question that can’t be answered,

Or can it?

Its name is doubt

Or is that even its name

I have become so unsure,

Because of its silly game.

Doubt makes us worry

Doubt makes us unwilling

Doubt makes us lost.

The very definition of doubt

Is a question

Or maybe it’s “to question.”

Doubt may be a hinder

Yet it does not cripple

For doubt can be overcome.

Our grass doesn’t have to be compared

No, not to the other side

See our grass can be watered

Watered right where we are.

It may take time,

But it will grow,

For it is proven.

We can’t question what is true

We can’t assume things we have yet to experience,

Yet we can grow what is right at our feet.

Sometimes we have to go with what we know,

And not with what we feel.

We have been given a mission

A purpose, if you recall,

Not to sit on the side

Yet to take the lead for all.

This is a stand we must make

One that will be hard to do

But hold on the promise

That we have all been there too.

For just as angst comes to prey

Doubt is by its side

But we know what’s to be done

We know how to fight

For we must only stand in the light.

Our grass will grow green

No matter how dead it seems

Don’t forget to add the water

Because that is all it needs.

You’ve got this,

Keep going,

You’re going to do great

I’m proud of you my friend

For this is not the end.

Cover Image Credit: Rex Pickar

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