The Things that I see

This poem was written in hopes of more people seeing that male, female, ect. we all have emotions and feeling, and are all just our own person. Most of us forget that.

I see how men are told

That they don’t get to feel

That they can’t cry,

They can’t wear makeup

Or dresses,

Or anything society views are femin,

They are told that even if a woman beats them,

They are not to fight back,

Yet when they where little,

They were told it was diffrent,

When they pulled on the little girls pigtails,

It was cute and sweet,

I see that woman are told,

That they don’t have a voice,

That they don’t need to know how to fight,

That their only job is to care for their husband,

Women are told not to let men beat them.

Yet when they where little,

They were told if a boy is mean it’s okay,

It just means that they like them,

I see us being raised full of contradictions,

Us being told one thing when we were young,

Then the opposite when we are older,

I see,

A world full a people,

Who forget what things were like,

Before our parents told us,

What we were to be like,

And how we were to act,

Take the time and look though a childs eyes,

Being mean,

Is being mean,

No matter the gender,

Crying is okay,

So is feeling,

No matter what the gender,

Rainbows are pretty,

And everyone has some good,

What I see in this world,

Is what we could be,

If only we would remember,

Our world before,

Our parents told us what,

We were supposed to see.

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