The Suppression Of Men, Part I
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The Suppression Of Men, Part I

How do we heal men and boys so that our masculine energy can protect and sustain our world?

The Suppression Of Men, Part I
Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash

I just watched a South Park episode called "Dead Kids." This episode is about school shootings. The episode starts out with a school shooting occurring during class, but none of the students or even the teacher seems distressed.

The only person in all of South Park who is emotional is Stan's mother. While the entire town is desensitized to school shootings, Stan's mother tries to get everyone to react in any way at all to the horrific massacres that occur on a regular basis.

The creators of South Park have a unique way of making terrible things funny in order for viewers to connect and realize truths, and I found myself connecting particularly to the following quote:

"Children were shot! They were killed at a school where they were supposed to be safe!"

But nowadays, safe places are not so safe anymore.

For example, the Thousand Oaks community in Los Angeles, California is supposed to be one of the safest places in the entire country. But last night, we, the people of the United States of America, witnessed another mass shooting. And it happened there, in one of the safest places in the entire country.

This time, a 28-year-old marine shot up a country bar in the community of Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles, California. Wednesday nights in Borderline Bar & Grill are a time for college students to enjoy a mid-week party, and none of those hundreds of young college students expected their night to turn out as it did.

In my opinion, this issue is not about taking peoples' guns away. It is not about gun law reform.

This issue is about the suppression of men. This is a genuine crisis that is occurring in our United States of America, and is a crisis that is responsible for the fact that men are either killing themselves in unprecedented rates, or initiating mass shootings way too frequently.

Here is a startling statistic: according to an FBI study which examined 160 active shooter incidents that occurred in the US between 2000 and 2013, only 3.8% of these attacks involved a female shooter.

That means 96% of mass shootings are committed by men. Furthermore, well over 80% of homicides are committed by men.

I don't think these imbalanced rates of mass shootings and homicides leaning disproportionately towards the male side is due to our innate biology. It has little to do with females being less violent or less aggressive.

In my opinion, as a graduating student of psychology, this crisis is due to the suppression of healthy masculine energy.

You see, healthy masculine energy understands its innate aggressive and dominance, and uses these traits to be protective, assertive, and generative. Such a man would be in tune with his brutal side, his aggressive side, his angry side, but would understand that this is his biology. His DNA. And with this understanding, use it in a societally-healthy way by providing protection to ethics and morals, being assertive when ethics and morals are being breached, and generating positive movements to benefit his family and humanity as a whole.

But the problem is that us men are not taught about healthy masculinity. Instead, we are taught that our masculinity is bad, unwanted, unneeded in today's world, a world that is dictated by a feminist movement that has yet to realize the tremendous negative impact it has on our young boys.

I am not saying that either femininity or masculinity is bad or good. My point is: boys are conditioned to shun their feelings, their true masculinity, and instead of shining with their masculinity, with their innate sexuality, innate aggressiveness, and assertiveness, the energy of boys is suppressed.

And when you suppress something for too long, it blows up. Last night it blew up in the form of another mass shooting (yes, by a man).

Tic-Toc goes the clock.

When will this happen again?

What will we do about this?

What will YOU do about this?

And, most importantly, how do we heal men and boys so that our masculine energy can protect and sustain our world?

The End, Part I.

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