There's nothing better than the summertime, especially because it gives you so much more free time to read! Each summer, I look for new books to read by asking around for suggestions or seeing what other people read on social media.

My newest read was "The Sun Is Also A Star", by Nicola Yoon. This story of fate, hope, science, and love truly touched my heart and made me reevaluate the way I view my life. Those kinds of stories are the ones that are worth reading.

"The Sun Is Also A Star" tells the story of two strangers, Daniel and Natasha, who feel a strong connection towards each other from the moment they meet. They go through many struggles throughout their time together and learn more about each other than they thought was possible.

If you're looking for a fabulous summer read, I highly suggest this one. I could give you a million reasons to read this one, but for now, I will leave you with six.

1. It isn't just another love story.

I am a sucker for any book that has two main love interests, but this book isn't just focused around two people falling in love. This story puts love into a new light that I've never seen before, one that isn't just happiness and sex, but one that deals with struggles and chaos and disappointment.

This is a REAL love story that shows you the ups and downs of relationships.

2. The story is told by both main characters.

The chapters switch back and forth between the two main characters, Natasha and Daniel. You're able to understand so much more about each character by getting insight into how they think and why they act the way they do.

There are also some chapters that are from the point of view of other minor characters, which makes the story a little more special. No one is just a random character because Nicola Yoon allows everyone to have a voice.

3. It deals with issues of race and immigration.

Issues of race and immigration are especially relevant in the time we live in today. Natasha, one of the main characters in the book, is an illegal immigrant. Her story shows you the struggles that people in America go through when they are told they aren't allowed to be a resident of the country they grew up in.

It's heartbreaking to read and even more heartbreaking to know that Natasha's storyline is a reality for some families in this world.

4. It will change the way you think and force you to have an open mind.

If you already have an open mind, then this book will help you expand it even more. Natasha is more scientific and believes that everything happens due to a combination of things going on in the universe, while Daniel believes in fate and destiny. Whichever it is you choose to believe in, the story will get you to think about the other side.

Is what happens in our lives based on science or fate? We will never really know the answer, but thinking about each option will create a more understanding and open mind.

5. A movie based on the book has been in production for a few weeks.

Nothing is better than seeing your favorite books turn into a movie. One of the main reasons I read this book was because it was turning into a major motion picture. Getting to see the characters come to life makes the story so much more special.

I hope the movie is just as great as the book is.

6. The stars of the movie are Charles Melton and Yara Shahidi.

These two are PERFECT for the roles of Natasha and Daniel. Melton stars as Reggie in "Riverdale", and Shahidi is known for her character of Zoey Johnson in both "Black-ish" and "Grown-ish". I absolutely adore the both of them and couldn't think of a better pairing for this film.

That being said, I hope the film does the book justice. But with these stellar actors playing a part in it, I'm sure it will go above and beyond all of my expectations.

After finishing this book, I can honestly say it has made its way onto my short list of the best books I've ever read. Nicola Yoon has such immense talent, and I can't wait to read her next book.