Privilege is not an easy thing to acknowledge because of the fact that it undermines others. We all have privilege one way or another and unfortunately, many of us do not realize it which does not lead towards a positive change in society.

Society has segregated us with the creation of social constructs and have made humanity a competition of survival of the fittest.

It wasn't until I got into college that I thoroughly learned about privilege. In community college I took a course titled 'Sociology of Gender' in which we dove into intersectional feminism and discussed the topic of privilege in relation to it. I learned that intersectional feminism allows for privilege to be acknowledged and promotes it to be used as advantage to help those who lack it.

This class really had me thinking about my own privilege and how I can use it to help those who lack the privilege that I have and fight to receive more resources even when I am not fully privileged.

In this Westernized society, the most privileged individual is a white, attractive, fit, straight, able-bodied, and wealthy, Christian male. I lack most of those privileges as a white-passing, relatively attractive, not quite fit, straight, able-bodied, poor, Catholic female. Even though I am not the most privileged person in this world, I am aware that others have it worse than me. Being aware of my own privilege has allowed me to take initiative and be open minded.

In this political era that exists currently in the United States, I am sometimes get scared say I am Mexican since I lack the privilege of being a citizen but I am white-passing so I have never gotten yelled at by a racist twat telling me "to go back to my country". Those who have gotten harassed by those racist remarks are most likely citizens of this country and do not deserve to feel unwanted nor less of a human because they have darker melanin or speak another language. Instances like these have made me feel like I deserve those comments more because I am privileged to be white passing and am able to speak perfect English.

Privilege has made me realize that I need to step up to the plate to the social issues that affect my livelihood and my community. I never want to ever again feel harassed and be undermined because of my status in this country, my gender, my religion, my physical appearance, my economic status but it is impossible to dodge those bullets with this political era.

Go vote and use your privilege to become educated and help those around you.