A Simple Reminder That Everyone Needs To Hear
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A Simple Reminder That Everyone Needs To Hear

The story of a rainy day and a single joyful soul

A Simple Reminder That Everyone Needs To Hear

I have made you. I will carry you you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Isaiah 46:4

Let's be real. We're an entitled generation. We're used to getting what we, and when things don't go our way we tend to handle it less than graciously.

Often times we blame these short comings on God and begin to question his intentions for us.

"If God really loved me why didn't he let me get that internship I desperately wanted this summer?" "If God is so good then why did my uncle die?" "If God has my best interests at heart why would my parents get a divorce?" "If God has control of everything then why did my boyfriend break up with me when I was still completely in love with him?"

These questions lead to doubt, and as we pin each disappointment and hardship on the Father that holds our life in His hands, it slowly but surly chips away at our faith. We wander away from the One who leads us in the right direction.

Last week I went to St. Louis to visit my friend from school. On my last day there we went to a small organic soap shop to buy my mom a birthday present. The store is called sammysoap and prides itself on being, "a job creation machine for adults with developmental disabilities disguised as the world's best soap company."

Each bar of sammysoap's natural artisanal products is made from organic ingredients and, "do not include the synthetic additives and compounds found on any chemicals of concern watch lists."

On our way to the shop lightning split open the sky and it began pouring down sheets of rain. My first emotion was frustration because of the impending doom of my flight. My next emotion was panic as we ducked our heads beneath our shirts and sprinted into the freshly scented store.

I'm surprised the merchandise didn't work itself up into a lather as soon as we burst through the doors-- we were SOAKING.

As I browsed around trying to select the perfect scent of bar soap I heard a small giggle emanating from over my left shoulder. I turned to see Sammy gazing out the window with delight, a playful grin plastered across his deceivingly youthful face.

He raised his arms above his head and called to the Heavens, voice dripping with joy, Thank you God for the rain. Thank you God for the rain. God is never wrong, God is always right." He thanked God without ceasing as he inched closer and closer to the window until finally his face was pressed up against the glass.

His bliss was contagious and I couldn't help but be filled with glee as his eyes searched around the store looking to connect with someone who was equally as thankful for the downpour. I couldn't let myself meet his gaze, honestly, I was ashamed.

As a stood there with a bar of French Lavender Chamomile soap in my hand, I couldn't even remember the last time I had stopped to thank God for the sunshine, let alone the rain. Sammy's joy was simple and genuine, and it stemmed from gratitude. I longed to feel that joy.

It's a tremendously hard thing to do-- to be thankful during the hard times, but if trusting in Jesus Christ was easy then faith wouldn't form the powerful connection that it does.

One of my favorite quotes is, "work like it's up to you, pray like it's up to God." We can't expect to get everything we want just because we're Christian's, but trusting that God has a plan for us helps us tackle daunting tasks without fear.

College is a whirlwind and it's hard to stay focused on what's truly important, but a simple way to stay centered is to count your blessings everyday. Another day you wake up breathing and able to get out of bed is another day to thank the God who fearfully and wonderfully created you. Maybe if we learn to be thankful for the thousands of things that go right in our lives rather than dwelling on the few that go wrong, we too will know the happiness and contentment that Sammy has found.

By the time we left sammysoap the storm had let up significantly, but I still turned my face towards the sky and let the cold droplets fall onto my face, "thank you God for the rain," I thought, "and for unexpected life lessons in a soap shop."

Be sure to check out sammysoap. They have great products that support a great cause!

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