Re: The Sinner and The Saint

Re: The Sinner and The Saint

The Revealing Responses

The Greatest Sinner/Without Him

Without any boasting or pride,

I announce I am the greatest sinner,

I can confidently say.

Without hesitation or any conviction,

I have spat in the face of God,

My Savoir.

Without any sorrow,

With all deception,

I yelled “crucify him!” and watched the innocent hang.


Without any hatred towards me, only mercy,

I was forgiven forever.

Without any payment from me,

I was granted access to heaven.

Without any worth or deserving,

He called me son.

Without Him,

I would have never been resurrected,

With all joy and peace,

I proclaim I am a saint.


Where are Your Eyes?

Where are your Eyes?

Why do they wander from me?

Why do you focus on darkness rather than light?

Why do you ponder on the grave more than life?

My dear son, what has become of you?

Raging on the floor against the heavy burden of sin.

Heaving with all you might to lift something you cannot carry.

Let grace overcome you—let it drown you.

For the waters of grace will lift the weight—will remove the guilt and shame.

My dear son, why do you call yourself sinner before saint.

Do I move in vain?

All I have promised, all has come to pass.

My Word was, is, and is to come.

If I lift my hand the earth shall shake.

If I turn my head the darkness shall fall.

If I send forgiveness and mercy—all shall be well.

So, why do you dare dismiss the sacrifice?

Where are your eyes?

Why do the linger?

Dear son, look up.

I am bleeding for you

I have bled for you

And here I am to save you.

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