The Savior: A One Act Play
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Fiction: The Savior

Who will save the damsel in distress?


Princess Cassandra of Avondale has been kidnapped by the evil lord Jurainden and must be rescued. But which knight of the Glass Table will be the one to do it? King Arthur chooses his savior in this play, and the choice may surprise you...


His Royal Highness King Arthur the III, the ruler of the Seven Seas, a gruff, overbearing man with the entire mainland under his control. His benevolent rule is sometimes challenged by provincial lords, but none have managed to gather significant territory.

Her Grace Queen Isabel, a stern but kind ruler, King Arthur's loyal consort. With long dark hair and intelligent eyes, Isabel is the mother of three, two twin boys, Ansel and Edward, and their elder sister, Princess Cassandra. Queen Isabel was given in marriage to King Arthur, strengthening his alliance with the Scots, her natal people.

Her Grace Princess Cassandra, or Cass, the eldest child of the royal family. Seventeen and blooming, Cassandra is adept in reading, playing the harp, and dancing. Princess Cassandra often wishes to explore her father's kingdom for herself, one day even being the crown princess, but this is a dream she does not dare express openly.

The Wizard Murloc, His Highness' trusted advisor and chosen warlock, is a proprietor and creator of potions and serums that fare well all over the land. His sly, slick demeanor coupled with his creamy concoctions lead to him making suggestions for his own welfare.

Sir Stephen, a coveted member of the Knights of the Glass Table, King Arthur's preferred right-hand man. Sir Stephen is brave and chivalrous, but has no luck with the ladies, his hard work and merit unable to compensate for his lack of charm.

Sir Percy, another member of the Knights of the Glass Table, chosen by His Royal Highness. Sir Percy is valorous and comely, and is very popular with the young maidens due to his flirtatious nature and supple blond mane. While Sir Percy is daring, he is quite vain as well, which explains his often reckless behavior.


NARRATOR: One fine morn, King Arthur set up a table,

Of all the finest men that he was able,

To discuss an important matter at hand,

And hope those chosen would understand.

Queen Isabel, Wizard Murloc, Sir Percy and Sir Stephen are seated at a round table, the head of which is empty. Sir Percy and Sir Stephen are speaking noisily to one another while Queen Isabel bows her head in silence. Wizard Murloc murmurs to himself anxiously with twiddling thumbs. King Arthur enters from Stage Left.

KING ARTHUR: [bellowing] Alas, my fair men, and [nodding at Isabel] woman too,

I have but some unfortunate news for you.

My daughter Cassandra Rosanna Mayflower

Has been captured and held in a high iron tower.

King Arthur takes his seat amid loud whispers of shock.

SIR STEPHEN: [indignant] But who would conduct such a heinous affair?

If I knew at once, I would slay him by the hair!

KING ARTHUR: [pleased] 'Tis Lord Jurainden, and none other.

The evil man has taken the girl from her brothers!

Listen carefully, my men, heed the words I say,

I need me an honorable knight, a savior today!

Claim my daughter from the villain, and set all right

And you will have a beaming title and gold just as bright!

Sir Stephen stands up and flexes his arm muscles, moving to stage right. The spotlight is placed on him as he recites his verse.

SIR STEPHEN: [vainly] It is I, who will go, who will save the lovely lady,

Who else is this built, who else is this brainy?

It is I, who defeated the deadly Minotaur,

Who put to rest every last dinosaur! [pounding chest]

In cold and heat, hunger, thirst, fatigue and strife

Complain did I not, I spoke with my knife.

Through wars bloody, with many warriors beheaded, [making cutting

throat motions]

I forged for myself the title of "Stephen The Dreaded".

Withering bards sing my tales to village young,

How I raised my shield, how my sword was swung! [mimics sword


How I cut and parried through every affliction,

Why, even my enemies cannot provide thee a contradiction.

I even separated the sword from the stone,

Which is why, your Highness, you must choose me alone.

The lights illuminate the entire table. King Arthur nods proudly while Murloc twirls his wand, bored. Queen Isabel watches, her expression not giving away her amusement.

GUARD: [peeping in from Stage Left, only torso and face is visible] Your Highnesses, my lords,

please pardon the interrupt-

SIR STEPHEN: [irritated] Oh, but my good fellow, this is quite abrupt!

Your services are not needed right now by the throne,

So excuse yourself, close the door, and leave us alone!

Guard bows and exits through left side of the stage.

KING ARTHUR: And you, Sir Percy, do you not want a chance?

With Princess Cassandra, a fairytale romance?

All of the table members turn to face Sir Percy, who rises and moves to Stage Right. The spotlight falls on him, illuminating his golden locks and rosy cheeks.

SIR PERCY: [charmingly] Of course, Your Grace, it would give me great pleasure

To aid your highnesses in this humble endeavor!

I may have stolen many hearts, may have charmed many lasses,

My gallantry has won me the favor of the masses.

Sir Percy pulls out a rose from his armor, caressing it gently against his lips.

But Princess Cassandra is an exquisite thing,

Far more precious than a colloquial fling.

She deserves a tender hero, a gentleman, a knight,

Who will take care of her well, and always treat her right.

For your sire's daughter this I am willing to be,

The chivalrous suitor you seek-- Lo! I am he.

Sir Percy begins to move around the stage, dancing and reciting his lines as if a storyteller.

I will travel to the tower you describe far away

Rescue the beautiful princess, and once again, save the day!

Her escort to every ball, I'll court her forevermore

And your people will love us- the rich and the poor!

O King! Let me rescue thy damsel in distress.

For I am your wisest choice, but again, I digress.

Sir Percy returns to his place next to Sir Stephen at the Glass Table. Sir Stephen looks upset, as if trumped.

KING ARTHUR: [throws coins in the air in glee] Well spoken, Sir Percy, you have but made up

my mind,

Your words have proven that you are the right one to assign!

MURLOC: [speaking slowly, with fingers together] My dear ruler, it seems you do forget

That there is another person you haven't considered yet.

My potions and concoctions will place me at the head,

For I will save the princess when these buffoons will end up dead!

Wizard Murloc pulls out vials from his robe. One is sparkly and purple, the other white, shimmery, crushed, and the third is a suspicious green.

Let me show you my inventions, created of my design,

This witch frog's solution, this elixir made of moonshine!

Murloc begins to dance in a slow, eerie circle as he chants, traveling to the center stage in front of the table.

This glimmery, glittery formula has precisely what you desire,

This vial can stream a waterfall, this one can cause a fire!

For generations, people have called me many names

A wizard, war lock, old devil-- really, it's all the same.

Murloc climbs onto the table, tap dancing on top with a slightly crazed expression on his face.

But sire, this is my chance to prove I'm not some crazy coot!

Let me be the one to restore what Lord Jurainden took as loot.

I may not fight with sword in hand, I may not own a shield,

But in this small glass bottle, there is much power that I wield.

With a mere few drops of this, I have sent enemies to their graves

And while I am not brawny, I am a different kind of brave!

Allow me to present the skills I have, as your wizard of choice,

For if you select me as your savior, you are certain to rejoice!

King Arthur nods and claps as Murloc does a jig back to his seat. Sir Percy and Sir Stephen burst out laughing. Queen Isabel, suddenly angry, puts her forearms on the table.

ISABEL: [rising, speaking boldly] The princess is worth more than all of this lot!

My cousin shall save her, the Prince of the Scots!

Everyone at the table erupts with their own opinions. Sir Stephen and Sir Percy get up from their seats and draw swords, bickering loudly and angrily as they have a light physical duel. Murloc mumbles crazily to himself as he pours potions from one vial into another, and vice versa. Queen Isabel taps her fingers on the table, clearly exasperated.

KING ARTHUR: [loudly] You have all spoken well, knights, wizard, and queen!

But the choice of the savior is mine, always has been.

I have heard your proposals, I am pleased with them all,

And now, without much awaiting, I present my final call.

The same guard peeks into the room again, torso up.

GUARD: [timidly] My lord, just please, give me a chance to be heard.

KING ARTHUR: [furious] Silence, imbecile! You shall not say another word!

If you speak once more, Murloc shall turn you into an elf-

PRINCESS CASSANDRA: [entering from Stage Left, marching] But why won't you let the

princess save her own self?


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