There are many things in life that bring happiness. Not as many can bring joy. The difference between the two is that happiness is momentary and joy is a feeling that runs deeper than a smile. After much deliberation I’ve found four types of rolls that bring a deep-in-your-bones type of joy.

1. Sweet Puppy Dog Rolls

Nothing can brighten a day like a sweet furball. Puppies are a constant source of light and unconditional love. Doggos are our best friends, our dolls to play dress up with, and our mini-me! For most of us, they are the only strangers we let kiss us when we’re sober!

There is only ONE downside to the bundle of joys and that is their poop! But can we honestly blame them? Due to horrible monster owners, the poop doesn't get picked up. Really we can only blame puppies for breaking our hearts when we can't take them all home with us!

2. King Hawaiian Rolls

These are essential to any family meal! Growing up, these were the only things that could be on our table for Sunday dinner that did not have to be made from scratch.These cute little bite-size carbs are perfect for so many meals. They can be dippers for gravy and the perfect tool to help clean a plate! These bad boys come in soft, fluffy (somewhat uneven) circles, probably because their warmth and buttery shine can fill whatever holes are in our hearts.

If you have any taste buds at all, you saw these recently when you gathered around the table for Thanksgiving. As if having a break from exams and papers hadn't been enough of a reason to be excited about Thanksgiving break!

3. Our Little (Sometimes Big) Tummy Rolls

What’s better than some body positivity? Our tummy rolls are nothing to be ashamed of. They are formed from love (of food) and that’s definitely something the world needs a little more of. And just like with chocolates, the more the merrier! How can you be sad when every time you sit down your tummy is smiling?

Furthermore, with tummy rolls, you can call yourself curvy or THICCC! And anyone who's never seen you will think it's in the disproportionate Kardashian way. You won't be lying, you're just leaving it to their imagination to interpret what curvy means.

4. Rock and Roll

OOOO-WAH-AH-AH! Rock and roll is our source for bad boys in makeup, expressive fashion, and one-stop shop for angry songs.

I know for Halloween I saw some of my personal favorite rockers strutting around, the members of KISS. There should definitely be some appreciation for men who can strut in 7 inch stilettos better than 90% of the female population. I grew up listening to these icons, so I have a built-in soft spot for men in tight clothes.

There are many shades of black and they can be used for self expression. Black is my go-to color since I personally like to use to it when mourning my grades. It can also be very slimming. All my fellow chubs know what’s up!

Rock and roll sometimes can get a bad rap for artists who scream at you through the speakers. But hey! I know many of us have gone through the phase where we got mad at our parents and threw on angry songs to show how deep we are.