The Results of America, Post Election
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The Results of America, Post Election

How we the American people can come together and help eachother

The Results of America, Post Election

For many people, this election was shocking. For others, it went exactly how they thought it would. I assumed it would a close election. Truthfully, it was close enough to give me an anxiety attack. Thinking about it a day after, I'm still anxious. I find it hard to breath and hard to think. I'm anxious from the results but mostly anxious for this country.

In the past 24 hours, I've seen more hate filled comments than I have in the whole duration of the election and that says a lot. I'm open about who I've voted for and I will openly deal and face the repercussions of my decision. I have my reasons for voting for who I voted for, just like those who voted for and against each candidate. That right is granted to each of us in the Constitution. That being said, we have to stop ripping each other apart because of who we voted for. All of this hate will be the downfall of our nation. Granted, we've already begun to crumble. But hate breeds hate. I've seen too often within the day, so many supporters of each candidate bash each other. So many that were against the hate spewed by Trump are the ones now spreading the hate. What good does that do?

I get being upset, in fact I embrace and accept it. I'm upset too. I'm upset that in my first time being able to vote in a presidential election, that these were my options. I'm upset that I felt like I had to vote for who I thought was the best option when I actively disagreed with both of the primary candidates. I'm upset that some people voted for Trump because they didn't want Clinton as president AND that some voted for Clinton simply because they didn't want Trump as president. I'm upset in my peers for not doing their own research and simply believing everything the media tells them. Because depending on what you watch - CNN, Fox, NBC - it's all very biased toward one side. I'm upset that from day one, if you voted for a certain candidate that you were insensitive and apathetic to different groups of people. But what I'm most truly upset about is that both of the candidates promoted and created a deeper divide within our country by pinning us as citizens against each other with their hate spewed words against one another. They had the opportunity to truly unite the country but failed to do so because they'd rather speak poorly and rudely of each other.

Both candidates are extremely flawed and it's in poor favor to ignore that simply because one is more worse than the other. Both are extremely shady and I, personally, don't trust that they have the best interest of the American people in mind. Do I doubt they love this country? No but does that mean I think they ran for the right reasons? No, I don't. I think they both ran to further their own personal agendas.

Although there is nothing we can do about it now. We can't change the outcome. We can only change how we react and treat each other. It is too easy to choose hate. Hate breeds hate and if we let it, it definitely will. We must remember that we have a checks and balances system set up in our country to regulate and mandate the government so no one gets to powerful. We must remember to communicate with each other. We need to communicate when we disagree with one another instead of "dragging" each other. If we can communicate then we can solve problems instead of tearing each other to shreds every time someone is misinformed or has different views and ideas than we do. I will never put someone down for who they voted for. They had their reasons just like I had mine. We have to educate each other and build each other up. Protect each other and treat each other as we all want to be treated. Love and kindness are powerful things and if we use them now, after this election and everyday really, I believe we can truly overcome anything that comes our way.

Stay driven, fight for what you believe and always stand up for what YOU believe in. I can promise you, that as long as you are honest and true to your beliefs you will never stand alone. We can make America great again but we, the American people, have to unite together and drive out the hate. United; we stand, divided; we fall.

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