The Relaxing Yet Stressing Weekend Of The Masters
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The Relaxing Yet Stressing Weekend Of The Masters

The 2018 Masters is just around the corner.

The Relaxing Yet Stressing Weekend Of The Masters

The 2018 Masters is just around the corner. If you're a big golf fan, I'm sure you know all about this one. If you're not, you should still watch the tournament. The course is one of the most pristine layouts of any course in the country and the world for that matter.

The course has arguably the most famous hole in golf, Amen Corner. The 12th hole in Augusta, Georgia is the shortest that the course offers, but it's not the easiest. Nothing's easy at the Masters. And if you're into patterns or history, this year should be yet another highlight of the year in professional golf.

Last year gave us a playoff to decide the winner. It came down to Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose. Both were incredibly consistent throughout the tournament and found their stride in the final round. It was Garcia who prevailed over Rose in the playoff, shooting a birdie on the par-4 18th hole.

This year shapes up to be one of the more interesting tournaments in recent years. Jim Nantz, who's been covering the Masters for 33 years and has made some of the most memorable calls in Masters history, held nothing back when talking about the high anticipation for this year's event.

"I've been doing this 33 years, it's always highly anticipated, but this might be the most anticipated Masters any of us has seen in our lifetime," Nantz said.

While competition runs high and the best golfers in the world pit themselves against the field, themselves, and the course, it's often the scenery that makes the event unlike any other golf tournament. It's the most recognizable golf tournament in the world for a reason.

Sitting back in your chair in a golf coma as some of the best players traverse one of the most beautifully kept courses in the world sounds like a pretty great weekend to me.

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