The Redwoods of Home

Massive logs fallen in a fortress of nature.
Deep dark pools trickle and eddy beneath towering beams.
Sunlight seeps through cracks and holes in the canopy above, glinting off silky fish gliding through rippling pools.
Silence prevails. Calm breezes soothingly sway the distant treetops.
All birds lulled by the moment of warm, serene summer air,
Deep in the redwoods of home.

I am there. My small feet slip silently through the liquid.
Toes gliding amongst small smooth rocks, occasionally nibbled at by trout.
The water caresses my calves, the breeze my bare cheeks.
Above me looms the log jam, a mountain in my path.
Hidden caves and vaulting roads are the way to pass what decades of wind and rain have wrought.
A light hop. A shower of dew drops and I am aloft atop the branches.
Headed to the wonders beyond.

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