As I’ve began my junior year, I’ve come to realize I’ve been slacking a little. I tend to wait last minute to do papers, stay up long hours of the night studying and days writing TONS of things ‘to do’ in my planner. I’m fed up. I need to get it together. I’ve become procrastination at its finest, but I can honestly say this semester hasn’t been the kindest to me, though it’s been demanding and stressful - I am up for the challenge. But being a perfectionist doesn’t make this all that easy.

1. It begins with writing everything out you need to do in your agenda/planner; but to be honest it’s too much to handle in one day.

2. Then it becomes cleaning your room.

3. Then it becomes dancing to some music.

4. Then it becomes staring at your wall.

5. Then it becomes laying on your pillow.

6. Then you fall asleep.

7. And then it’s the next day.

8. And repeat.

I believe we all can get it together! I believe I will too…eventually! D;

Best of luck to all students throughout this following school year/or semester. We got this y’all!