Are Women Stronger than Men or Not?

The Physicality Of Men: A Literal "Power" Struggle

Are women equal to men or not?


A recently published an article called "Mizzou Official Claims Tall Men Asking Out Short Women Could Constitute Sexual Misconduct."

Basically, an official from the University of Missouri said that a "male student who was physically larger than the female student he asked out may have violated the school's Title IX policy because his physical size gave him 'power over her.'"

The not uncommon situation that was in question, happened back in July when a male student asked out their female fitness instructor. Supposedly, she claimed she was busy, and to check in later that month. She later asked him to stop making sexual advances towards her.

A lawsuit eventually came about, in which both this man and this woman were involved.

Mizzou's Vice Chancellor of student affairs, Cathy Scroggs, was later being questioned on the matter. Or, more specifically, if "the accusation against John satisfied the school's policy for sexual misconduct regarding one having "power or authority" over another."

She responded: “I think he was perceived as having power over her."

How is this, you may ask?

The questioner seemed to wonder as well, continuing along this idea of power, clarifying as to if it was the man's "size" that contributed to this so-called power.

She responded that it was his "physical size."

So apparently, if you are physically larger in stature, and you are asking someone out on a date, you are a sexual harasser.


End of story.

As if asking someone out isn't stressful enough, you now have to size them up.

How many inches difference causes misconduct to jump to harassment?

But, wait. I'm sorry. Haven't we been having a years-ongoing-debate that has proven to be true: that, in fact, men are no stronger than women in any shape, form, or capacity?

Women are just as strong. Just as capable. Just as physically able.

Or at least, that's what's been insisted upon.

So, if it's been decided by society that it's objectively true that women are just as strong as men, how could this woman possibly have been dealt a lesser hand in the power department?

Oh right, because every argument like this is one of convenience.

Need women to be strong in order to take down men? They’re strong.

Need women to be weak in order to take down men? They’re weak.

Why aren't the feminists freaking out over a conservative report that had the audacity to quote someone saying that a man's physical stature instills power over women?

Maybe this is because they're struggling over whether to defend womens’ physicality, or capitilaizig on an opportunity to profit off of sexual misconduct allegations.

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Me Saying I Don't Watch 'Game of Thrones' Is NOT Your Cue To Convince Me To Start

"Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."


Yes, I have flaws. We all do. But it seems as if though my biggest flaw is that I have never seen "Games of Thrones." Nope, not even one single second. I don't know why I haven't seen it, it's not that I'm particularly against the show. I guess it's just too late now for me to start it, as the premiere of the eighth and final season aired April 14th. And for some reason, I just feel that I'm too far behind to even attempt to start it.

But please, I beg of you, do not try to get me to watch it. I don't want to; I've made my decision that I have missed the "Game of Thrones" train and I have accepted my fate. It's OK, you can use your heavy TV series persuasion on someone else, don't waste it on me.

But not being a Thronie (I have no idea if you "Game of Thrones" fans actually use that term, but it's fine) comes with its own set of hardships. Yes, I know that missing out on "unquestionably the most acclaimed and beloved show on television" is probably the greatest hardship, I know, I know.

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It really is hard. It's difficult not understanding the jokes and comments about all the happenings in "Game of Thrones." But to those who are obsessed avid watchers, I apologize. I sincerely am sorry that I can never understand your "Game of Thrones" talk. I am sorry that my inferior self is not interested in your favorite show.

As some character that I will never know in "Game of Thrones" says, "once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." I have accepted that my major flaw is the fact that I have never seen "Game of Thrones" and that I, unfortunately, have no interest in watching. So please, don't use it against me. Besides, that one character that I don't even know said that you can't anyway.

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