The Perks Of Wearing Relationship Goggles
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The Perks Of Wearing Relationship Goggles

The Perks Of Wearing Relationship Goggles

Being in a relationship in college can be one of the best things that could happen to you, it can also lead you to hear more things than you should ever be allowed to hear. Me, being one of the only people in a relationship in my group of friends, I hear a whole world of information -- the good and the bad. I have also discovered a lot about myself and my significant other during this time. I have had the opportunity to truly listen, learn, and observe someone else in order to understand them at a whole different level; this in itself is a perk of wearing relationship goggles.

You become your friend’s personal secretary.

It's Sunday morning and your phone starts to ring. It's your best friends and they need you to come over ASAP because they need to tell you about their weekends. This routine being way too familiar to me and heard on a weekly basis; I can't deny that it's not one of my favorites. Hearing about your friends nights can actually be pretty fascinating but most of all amusing. Being in a relationship gives you a whole new perspective on what a night out could be like when single.

Basically, every conversation consists of complaining about all the immature guys that they met at the bar last night or the creeps they met on tinder who just happened to show up downtown. They also may consist of you questioning if you ever sounded like this. One thing I can say is I am thankful to not have to go through this stressful weeding-out process of finding that special someone. Sometimes I think people find that it's not even worth going through the process because people mess up and some are just too sick and tired of being hurt.

I have to say, though, I really do love being my friend's personal secretary; I enjoy the riveting stories that make you think twice about who you are hanging out with -- love them to death and this is the best part. Although entertaining, I wouldn't trade my friends for the world; they are the exciting spice that I need to get through college and I don't think anyone can deny that.

You have your boyfriend and you have your best friend.

Although sometimes you’re lucky enough to find one in the same, you can’t forget that you have your best friend, who in almost all cases, was there for you first. Many people forget about their best friend because they are so caught up in the fact that they have this new person in their life. Don’t get me wrong, this person is exciting and new and is probably who your hanging out with most. But only hanging out with your boyfriend won't help any relationship and will cause strain between you and your best friend. One thing you must never forget is that your best friend was there first and he or she will most likely be there last. Having gone through a bad breakup or two in my life, having my best friend by my side at the end of the day, has made it just the slightest bit better. Never give up something that is already stable in your life for something new.

The power of dual motivation.

Everyone has goals, goals that they hope to succeed. I am lucky that I have found someone who is always motivating me to reach my goals. After starting the journey to a healthy lifestyle, I have really needed someone there to just say "I'm proud of you." Personally speaking, having a personal trainer three times a week and having only a certain amount of calories to eat per day, you would be surprised how much your attitude changes when hearing that little boost of motivation. Whether it's a best friend, family member, boyfriend, or girlfriend, make sure they are there to support you and your goals 100 percent. Pushing each other to reach your goals and be the best person you can be, can really boost your motivation but can also positively influence your relationship. When constantly supporting each other you build this sense of trust that leads to your relationship being rock solid.

You get the opportunity to truly learn about and understand someone.

Having the opportunity to truly "know" someone is a perk in itself. When someone trusts you enough to the point of opening up, you not only learn about them, but you learn about yourself. You learn that it is possible to care about someone just as much as you care about your family. You learn that loving someone is a unique feeling and it truly is treasurable and irreplaceable. But above all you learn, in general, you learn to know someone on a deeper level, and this helps you to empathize with more people in your life. Whether it be your friends, family, or classmates, learning how to empathize with someone can really help you understand the different layers people have.

Don’t be afraid to be young, independent and committed.

In todays society, it seems like more and more people are fearful of being in a relationship and I don't blame you. Relationships are scary and they force you to take a leap of faith. Many are intimidated by the word commitment. This word can be frightening and it can feel like you're giving up yourself, your fun and your independence, but I urge you to let go of that. You can be yourself, independent and still have fun in a relationship. Taking the risk of committing to someone can end up being a reward in the end; being hurt in the past should not be an excuse to shut someone great out. Always remember that you should be your own number one priority. But if someone can help make you become the best person you can be, why not take that leap of faith? Why not find love? Don't be afraid to be young, independent and committed, it just might surprise you!

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