Sometimes, people get teased for carrying giant purses like Mary Poppins. However, oversized handbags are both trendy and always come in handy at a lot of times. Here's why being someone with a big purse is a good thing.

1. You can carry anything and everything wherever you go.

Journal? Check. Selfie stick? Check. Mini first aid and sewing kits? Check.

2. You can decorate it however you want.

Feel free to accessorize and to be as silly as you would like.

3. If you can't find something around the house, chances are it's in your purse.

You're never worried about losing something, since its probably hidden somewhere in that bottomless pit that is your handbag. So when you can't find that new lipstick you just bought, it's no biggie. You'll find it somewhere the next time you clean out your bag.

4. Since you can fit pretty much everything in your purse, you'll almost never be bored.

Let's just say that being able to carry a physical copy of my favorite book has come in handy several times.

5. Whenever your friends need something, you'll probably have it with you.

This is especially important in those moments when it comes to things that everyone needs but nobody ever has, like a pen or a hair tie.

6.Cleaning it out makes you feel like you lost 10 pounds.

Even though it might take a while, it is totally worth it to get rid of all that junk building up in your handbag.