Being blonde is truly a way of life. I don't care how cliche it is, once I took the plunge and finally bleached my hair blonde, I have had an exponential amount of fun. There is a special place for brunettes, I would hate to sound like I'm denouncing the brown-haired girls of the world.

But, personally, as someone who has experienced life as both a blonde and a brunette, I'd be blonde forever. Unfortunately, that's kind of a hard dream to maintain as being a sparkly, silver blonde comes with tons of damage and upkeep.

First of all, there's the constant bleaching. The first few months of your blonde experience will involve many rounds of bleaching if you want to get platinum. Good thing I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and decided I knew enough to do it myself. And proceeded to do it all in one day. I wasn't quite platinum my first try, but I was pretty darn close. The integrity of my hair seemed to be doing alright, so soon after I bleached it white. My current situation: Integrity who?

Doing your roots is THE WORST. I have thick (not so thick anymore, but still thick), long hair and an incessant need for my hair color to be perfect. I spend way too long flipping through each section of my hair repeatedly making sure I didn't leave out any parts so I don't get dark spots. The whole process probably takes around 2 hours, maybe more. Not to mention, this process happens about once or twice. Every. Single. Month. Needless to say, my roots are about 8 months grown out by now.

Here's something I didn't expect: my hair falls out or tears very easily! I'm a messy bun kind of person, as a lot of us are, and I have found short pieces of hair around where I tie my hair up. The breakage is no joke! The perimeters of my hair also suffer, there are baby hairs everywhere. R.I.P my once beautiful, long, luxurious hair.

The frizz!!! I have always had somewhat frizzy hair, but now there's no stopping it. The entirety of the bottom section of my hair has become curly (my hair is straight naturally???). I love curly hair, except mine looks more like a frizzball. I can't seem to get it silky soft, either. No matter how many times I pass a brush through it or put in some product that claims it will solve all of my frizzy problems, it remains a tangly mess.

One problem that I am consistently combatting is the yellowness. One of the great (sometimes not so great) things about ultra blonde hair is that it soaks up any color it's given. Purple shampoo counteracts the naturally occurring yellow tones, so it turns more of a white, silvery color that I love. Good thing I accidentally bought a yellow conditioner to put on after the shampoo does all of its purpley, magical wonders, right?

Watching the health of your hair gradually decline is no fun. It kind of seems like it happens all at once. One day my hair was silvery, blonde and soft, now it's yellow and a rat's nest. Of course, take it from me, make sure to pay attention to your hair and use healthy products BEFORE it gets this way. But, if you're already an unnatural blonde like me, we can grumble and wallow in our frizzy pain together.