"The Office" is an iconic show, with episodes that are guaranteed to have us laughing every time... but what isn't funnier after a drink or two?

Create your own drinking game for the show by choosing any number of the (way too many) items below! Personalize your list depending on what season you're watching and if you're just looking to have a beer or two or to get as crazy as Meredith (in which case you should expect a poorly executed intervention from Michael shortly after playing).

Whether you're looking to watch two episodes or binge until Netflix asks you, "Are you still there?" more times than you can count, this game is a fun way to bring something new to watching old episodes.

So grab some party favors, know your limits, and enjoy yourself. Bottoms up! (PS. All of that is what she said.)

Take a sip every time...

1. "Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam."

2. Michael is obsessed with a relationship or relationship issue he made up in his head.

3. Angela puts a cat before a human.

4. Dwight says a supposed fact that is actually an opinion.

5. "That's what she said."

6. Jim corrects Dwight when he calls himself “Assistant Regional Manager” instead of “Assistant TO THE Regional Manager.”

7. Creed forgets what his job is.

8. The camera spies on someone.

9. Kevin or Michael pronounce or use a word or phrase incorrectly.

10. Dwight and Michael exchange romantic glances.

11. Darryl plays the keyboard.

12. Michael brings up Oscar being gay.

13. Phyllis says something sexual, causing you to feel extremely uncomfortable.

14. "Nard Dog."

15. Dwight yells "MICHAEL" to tattle on someone from the office.

16. Downsizing is mentioned.

17. Toby mentions the Scranton Strangler.

18. Something in the office gets broken.

19. One of Meredith's body parts has to be blurred out.

20. "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration."

21. Stanley looks at the camera, unamused.

22. Andy scats.

23. Meredith sneaks a drink (you know what kind).

24. Todd Packer makes a sexual reference.

25. Michael praises David Wallace.

26. Jim successfully fools Dwight.

27. Stanley appears to be out of breath.

28. Roy is insensitive/oblivious.

29. Gabe tries too hard to be cool.

30. Andy mentions college/Cornell in general.

31. "Big Tuna."

32. Dwight and Angela have a secret meeting.

33. Phyllis talks about how she went to the same school as Michael.

34. Kelly mentions a celebrity.

35. Anyone shows off/obsesses over a coffee mug.

36. Kelly is oblivious to Ryan's feelings.

37. Jim silently gives the 'Jim look' to the camera.

38. Nellie and Andy butt heads.

39. Toby attempts to hit on Pam.

40. Robert California talks about how rich he is.

41. Erin tries to impress Michael.

42. The Dwight bobblehead is shown.

43. Toby's divorce is mentioned.

44. Jan's boobs are mentioned.

45. An awkward pause follows a wildly inappropriate statement from Michael.