Dunkin's Toasted Gingerbread Latte Tastes Delicious
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Dunkin's Toasted Gingerbread Drink Tastes Like S'Mores In Your Mouth, And I CAN'T STOP Drinking It


Dunkin's Toasted Gingerbread Drink Tastes Like S'Mores In Your Mouth, And I CAN'T STOP Drinking It
Kathleen Naessens

In early November, Dunkin' Donuts released its 2019 winter holiday menu and it DID NOT disappoint. From the classic peppermint mocha that everyone adores being brought back, to the taste of holiday eggnog, to frosted white chocolate, Dunkin' pulled out all the stops this year.

What nobody expected was the toasted, marshmallowy goodness that was to come with the toasted gingerbread flavor.

Served hot or cold, this signature Dunkin' drink is like a s'more in your mouth, absolutely delightful, it tastes warm, even when served iced. It's nostalgic of childhood with the caffeine kick an adult needs.

I didn't know I needed it until I had it in my life.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to keep giving people unique coffee flavors year after year for every season. For some reason, our society gets SO hype about coffee flavors that we just all have to try them. So I have to give Dunkin points for keeping up with their creative side.

Let's cut to the chase. The first time I got this drink, I ordered it as an actual latte. Here's what I have to say: yum.

This drink is incredibly sweet, so if you aren't looking for that, this definitely is not for you. But, for those of you with a sweet tooth like myself, PLEASE. TRY. THIS. DRINK.

In latte form, it almost tasted like hot chocolate with some spice to it.

Of course, there was also some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cinnamon on top. It reminded me of something to drink while cuddled up at a football game or while walking around looking at Christmas lights.

After having this, I decided I would skip my regular caramel iced coffee (basic, I know) and try the toasted gingerbread in iced coffee form.

This is where the drink got me.

Still just as sweet, it overtook my taste buds and tasted TOTALLY different iced. This allowed the taste of coffee to shine through so much more and I just really liked it.

In plain, I am simply saying that Dunkin' has done it again. They have me spending ALL of my money on coffee that is really just one big sugar rush of holiday goodness, and I am not even mad about it.

Not only do I think I am going to continue getting this drink throughout the winter season, but I might even try the other flavors because you never know how a simple little drink will surprise you.

I certainly was with this one.

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