The Myth Of Intersectionality: When "Victims" Become Heroes
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The Myth Of Intersectionality: When "Victims" Become Heroes

America is the land of the free, home of the brave. Victimhood is neither required nor recommended.

The Myth Of Intersectionality: When "Victims" Become Heroes

The COVID-19 crisis has been accompanied by a reprehensible display of partisan politics at their very worst. From Democrats blocking the first stimulus bill in an attempt to push through Green New Deal talking points to Democratic governors doubling down on draconian policies despite improving numbers, political motives have permeated every aspect of this pandemic.

The left has always sought to divide and conquer. That's no secret.

I recently had an experience, however, which opened my eyes as to how deeply rooted the divisions of the left truly are. These divisions are not only political but racial, sexual, and classist as well.

I currently work at a grocery store. Due to COVID-19 inspired panic buying, we have had to implement limits on certain hot-ticket items. At the top of this list is, for some unknown reason, toilet paper. Why anyone would see toilet paper as crucial to warding off a respiratory infection, I'm not sure. Anywho, my employer set the limit at one 24 roll package per customer.

During one of my shifts this past week, an African-American woman came through self-checkout attempting to buy two large packages of toilet paper-against our current company policy. When told by my co-worker that she could only purchase one, her response was less than cordial. She began to yell, threatened us with violence, got in our faces. She screamed that we were white oppressors, that she didn't want to hear our "white people sh*t." She refused to give up the toilet paper and refused to leave the store. She wandered about, flanked by security, yelling about the vileness and inherent evil of white people. She wouldn't leave until the cops were called.

While I stood there and listened to this woman carry on, I didn't feel angry as some of my co-workers and customers did. I felt sad.

I felt sad that this woman had been brainwashed by the left.

I felt sad that she believed herself to be oppressed, that white people hated her, and that it took something as simple as a restrictive company policy to set her off. I felt sad because, though I knew the consequences of the left's lies, I had never before seen them in action in such a dramatic display. And I felt sad because believing that the whole world is against you because of something you cannot change is a very miserable life indeed.

The lies that the left has espoused for decades which produce self-defeating beliefs such as those I listed above have a name. Intersectionality.

In the PragerU video, "What is Intersectionality?" Ben Shapiro details this leftist narrative and explains how it is used for control. Intersectionality is essentially the belief that one's opinion matters only as much as their status as a victim. A person's place on the victim status totem pole depends on their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, etc. The content of one's character doesn't have much if any say in the matter. We see intersectionality used again and again by the left as a way to silence the opposition. "No Uterus, No Opinion." "Believe All Women." Whichever victim group attains the highest status as a victim has the most say in the matters concerning their (fabricated ) victimhood. For example, a straight white male has virtually no say in anything. A minority transgender homosexual? Their opinion matters far, far more. They are essentially royalty in the intersectionality world.

Intersectionality serves only to divide us further than even political beliefs. It's a method of taking people's voices away in the name of elevating "victims." To be a victim in leftism is the most sought after achievement. Victims have the loudest voices, the most power, at least according to the left. In reality, to live as a victim and believe oneself to be oppressed is a very miserable and anger-fueled existence. The woman who came into my grocery store is simply one example. The left, because of intersectionality, has grown to hate anyone who rises up, anyone who succeeds in life. They hate those who reject the narrative of oppression and instead choose to overcome any obstacles in their paths. Take Bernie Bro's favorite slogan, "Eat the Rich." Anyone who succeeds is resented by the left. Misery loves company.

It is more important now than ever that America is unified.

The national lockdown and subsequent economic downturn have upheaved every aspect of American life. People are struggling from coast to coast. What is needed now is a revival of American patriotism and for us to stand united behind our President. Intersectionality drives a wedge not only between political foes but also every race, sex, and class existing in America. America is the land of the free, home of the brave. Every race, sex, class, and sexual orientation is welcome here. Victimhood is not required nor recommended.

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