23 Realistic Items For A College Fall Bucket List You Can Actually Complete

23 Realistic Items For A College Fall Bucket List You Can Actually Complete

You can jump in rain puddles at any time of the year.

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Let's be honest here: we both know you're scrolling through Pinterest, pinning all of these fall bucket lists. We both know you're craving to make the best out of your fall season this year because everyone else on Instagram is sharing their fall time festivities. We also both know that the reality of it: a majority of those activities won't actually happen or at least some of them you can do at any time of the year - like putting on your rain boots and jumping into puddles.

Whether it may be food, corn mazes, football games, movies, whatever it is you're trying to accomplish to get the most out of your fall, do it for yourself.

Don't do it for social media. Sharing your pictures is fine, especially if you're a photographer or you're trying to keep up with your aesthetic. But it's the same thing as just going to the beach to take a bikini picture. Do these activities to make memories. Print the photos and make a scrapbook or put them in a photo album.

Also, make sure you're doing these things that apply to YOU. Don't like apple pie? Don't go apple picking, or use the apples for something else. Do you like pumpkin everything? Make as many pumpkin things as you want. This doesn't just apply to food, just make sure you're being as realistic with yourself as possible. You also don't need a list to tell yourself to go crunch leaves when you walk.

As a college student, it can be pretty hard to balance all your homework and wanting to go to a corn maze at the same time. So in that case, you can't do everything. If I had to make my own realistic fall bucket list, this is what it would look like (not in order):

1. Make pumpkin bread

2. Decorate the suite

3. Make Pillsbury sugar cookies

4. Take pictures of friends in a fall setting

5. Decorate glow-in-the-dark pumpkins

6. If I can get to it, go to a corn maze

7. Take time out of each day to enjoy the fall foliage

8. Make S'mores

9. Burn fall-scented candles

10. Try a new fall recipe with suitemates

11. Friendsgiving with suitemates

12. Fall cleaning day

13. Watch an autumn sunset

14. Fall-themed night with suitemates: sweaters, hot chocolate, and Halloween movies

15. Create fall-inspired outfits

16. If I can get to it, go to a haunted house

17. Have an Oktoberfest event with friends

18. Go apple picking

19. Create Fall-inspired desktop backgrounds

20. Create my own fall scent on the stove

21. Create maple leaf mason jars

22. Go to a fall festival

23. Go to home football games

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