The Most Realistic Beauty Videos You Should Be Watching

The Most Realistic Beauty Videos You Should Be Watching

The true tutorials you have been looking for.

As we all know on YouTube, there is a beauty community. A beauty community filled with people filming videos on everything about beauty and makeup, even reviews and routines. I am a YouTuber myself, and although I love watching so many of my favorite beauty gurus, sometimes I want the classic videos back. I don’t mind reviews, in fact, they’re quite helpful when researching a product I am interested in, but I am seeing more reviews than tutorials.

When getting into makeup, you need to know the basics, and how you should choose certain products based on your skin, face shape, and eye shape. Lately, there haven’t been any videos on that; there are very few if you search it. Most of the well-known beauty gurus have done those videos, but when they started out on YouTube years ago, so nothing has been updated in awhile.

If you’re reading this because you’re starting to get into makeup, or you already use makeup on a regular basis but want to expand your knowledge and know how to achieve certain looks, then you’ve clicked on the right article because I am making it easier for you.

Some categories have more than one video because there are either more ways of doing something, more products or explaining something more in depth. I wanted to create this article because I have friends that ask me what is the best product to use for this concern, or how do I know my shapes, etc. This way, all the key videos are in one place, and you’re not searching for hours on how to figure out your undertones, for example.

1. Eye shapes.

Everything that I mention is really important to know, but finding out what eye shape you are is key to know what eyeshadow looks best on you, and what doesn't.

2. Face shapes.

Just like finding your eye shape, finding your face shape makes all the difference. Once you figure your face shape, you can then figure how to apply face makeup that enhances your shape, and what works well and what doesn't. I believe that a lot of people get confused when they try to achieve a contour look from someone else, and they wonder why it doesn't look good on themselves - completely different face shapes.

3. Skin Type.

Do you have normal, dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination of any? Once you find out your skin concern(s), as well as undertones in the next one, you can really figure out what type of foundation you should buy. Also, no matter what your skin type is, make sure you moisturize before applying makeup to your face — trust me, you'll see the difference.

4. Undertones.

Once you figure out what undertone you have, you can then determine what foundation shade you need, and what lip shade, contour shade, eyeshadow shades, and highlights look better on your skin tone.

5. Color Theory.

Undertones and Color Theory really go hand-in-hand with each other. It helps to determine what colors to pair with each other, based on your undertone and eye color. This video goes completely in depth about everything.

6. Brushes.

You have to apply your products with something, right? This video talks about the different types of brushes for face and eye. (The thumbnail looks weird, but I promise it's a good and informative video!)

7. Color Correcting.

I personally don't do this, but I know a number of people are really into it. This shows which colors are used for what skin concerns, and it is to be applied under face makeup. This video compares a drugstore and a high-end color correcting palette.

8. Primer/Setting.

This is something that can depend on your skin type, if you're going to an event, or if you just want your face makeup to apply well, and also have your makeup last longer. There are 3 videos that talk about high-end products, drugstore product, tips and tricks, and eye primers as well. Even if you don't use high-end products or vice versa, I still recommend watching them all, because you never know if the product you're looking for that targets your need, could just be at a different price.

9. How to: blend eyeshadow like a pro.

This is a technique that everyone struggles with (even I still struggle with it sometimes). Although applying eyeshadow to your lids depends on what eye shape you have, and there are so many videos on YouTube on how to apply shadow for a specific eye shape, it is still helpful to know how to blend correctly. Even if the girl in the video has a different eye shape than you, you can still use these techniques when you're blending your own eyeshadow.

10. How-to: winged eyeliner.

If you're not struggling with your eyeshadow, then you're most likely struggling how to create a winged line. This is something that also depends on your eye shape, but I found this technique universal for everyone, and I found that it's an easier way to create a wing, compared to other tutorials I have watched.

11. How-to: long lashes.

We all have different lengths of eyelashes, but anyone can achieve a long, voluminous eyelash look. This is the video that I have learned from on how to properly curl my eyelashes, and how to apply mascara correctly. Want to grow your eyelashes longer? The girl in the video swears by castor oil, but I swear by Vaseline. I have been using it for years on/off, and I am never disappointed. Other beauty gurus also use coconut oil as an alternative.

12. Eyebrows.

An ongoing trend for the past few years to have the cleanest, and most on-fleek brows ever. The first video is finding your eyebrow shape based on your face shape. The second video shows an eyebrow tutorial that isn't super dramatic. I personally don't go for dramatic eyebrow looks, but I picked a look that could be universal for everyone.

14. Concealer.

Concealer is meant for concealing those dark circles and to brighten up that area so you look more awake and fresh-faced. These two videos go together by NikkiTutorials, and the second one goes a little bit more in depth, but definitely watch the first one.

15. Contour/Blush/Highlight/Baking.

These 4 steps can be done all at the same time. Most videos usually include 1 or more of these steps and how to go about them. The first video is using cream contour, and then powder bronzer and highlight. The second video, Jaclyn Hill makes it easy for all of us by including all 4 in one video.

16. How-to: apply liquid lipstick.

Ah, lip products. Something everyone and their mother is obsessed with - literally. I still find that lip products can be hard to apply, especially if you have thinner lips. Although this video covers liquid lipstick, you can still use this technique with regular lipstick.

17. How to: remove makeup.

The most important out of all - how to remove your eye and face makeup. I personally use Simple Makeup Wipes for Sensitive Skin, but I know that others use micellar water, coconut oil or another oil, or any other type of remover out there. Tati goes in depth of what products she uses to remove her makeup, as well as skincare tips.

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