The Monster Hide, The Monsters Lie

This was inspired by my deppression, and how it tends to feel.

The monsters, they hide in the shadows

And they whisper lies into your ear,

To be sure that only you can hear,

Part of your mind knows this

It tries to scream,

It tries to warn you,

But the monsters, they are louder,

They drown out the truth,

Making sure they’re the only ones heard.

The monsters, they hide under your bed,

So they can haunt your every dream,

And make you never want to sleep again,

They bring life to lies that they told you,

Shaping and molding them perfectly.

The monsters, they hide in your closet,

So they can remind you of their nightmares,

So they can bring forth every insecurity.

The monsters, they hide in your clothes

So you can never escape them,

No matter where you go,

They will be there, whispering and taunting.

The monsters they hide in your reflection,

Every flaw you see, they see,

And they’ll point out every single one,

All in soft little whispers,

Gently, as if they don’t want to hurt you.

The monsters,

They lie well,

They word everything so perfectly,

In the beginning,

You brushed them off,

You believed that they were liars,

But the thing is,

They were watching you for years,

Learning everything about you,

Their lies, hold truth

They took bits and pieces of it,

And they twisted them

Turning innocent gestures into more

Turning words of love into lies.

The monsters lie,

The monsters hide,

But you don’t notice that anymore

You don’t see the truth they twisted

You see the lie that they created.

You don't want to sleep,

Yet it’s all you can do

Because while no one was looking,

The war that you didn’t know you were fighting,

Was lost and the monsters won

The prize being you.

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